Bank Counter Checks from the Past

Here is a 1915 counter check written on the First National Bank of Valliant, Oklahoma. The receipts are from Paris, Texas and on saddlery shops, dry good stores, grocery stores, and so forth.

Counter checks were just a pad of blank checks kept at the banks and used by everyone for writing checks back in those days.

Here's a 1918 counter check written by Walker Woolery on the Farmers State Guaranty Bank in Valliant, Oklahoma for over $1,750. That was a lot of dough back in those days!

Here's a 1962 counter check written on the First National Bank here in Ardmore, Oklahoma by Dee Woolery. Sometime in the 1960's the bank quit accepting the "counter checks" and went to "personalized checks".

I've already had friends tell me they are placing their cursor on the check, hitting the right mouse button, downloading the checks, and printing them on their color printers to show others.

Here's a 1893 Receipt from M.F. Allen, Hickman and Company in Paris, Texas. The company was a dealer in "Hardware, Stoves, Wagons, Plows, Sash, Doors, and Blinds."

Here's a counter check from Farmers State Guaranty Bank of Valliant, Oklahoma with a picture of a bale of cotton in the upper left hand corner. The check was written in 1923.

Here's a Farmers State Guaranty Bank of Valliant, Oklahoma written in 1920 with the words COUNTER CHECK in the lower left hand corner.

Here's an "Official Receipt" of the Goodland Lodge, Knights of the Pythias, for dues paid in 1897. The words on the emblem are: Supreme Lodge, August 11, 1868, Feb'y 19, 1864, Knights of Pythias, and Friendship. The receipt is dated April 26, 1897.

Here's a Greiner and Kelly, Wholesale and Retail Druggist in Paris, Texas dated December 1, 1897. In red is 1260.

Here's a receipt dated 1893 from Hicks, Hurt and Co. located at 105 Lamar Avenue in Paris, Texas. They have rubbered stamped the name over that printed on the receipt which read Trigg & Hicks.

Here's a receipt on Varner, Collins & Dulaney located at 304-6 Bonham Street in Paris, Texas dated 1893.

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Last Modified June 16, 1996