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Restoration Project
Broken Grave Markers

Confederate Veterans Section

Rose Hill Cemetery
Ardmore, Oklahoma

Webpage started September 8, 2012
Last updated September 9, 2012

Back in the summer of 2006 I was busy making about 55 new grave markers of those badly deteriorated in the Confederate Section of Rose Hill Cemetery. It was a lengthy project in 105 degree weather but somehow I was able to make about 55 grave markers.  At the end of each week, Doug Williams would pick up the completed markers, take them to the cemetery, pour a concrete base, and set the new markers, one by one. The replacement markers were all made possible by the generosity of the following 29 people and organizations scattered around the country:

2005/2006 Donations:

 Lee Coffey Junction City, Kansas 100.00 (5 markers)
 Jim & Bunny Ragland Ardmore, Oklahoma 20.00
 Jim Dyer Springer, Oklahoma 60.00 (3 markers)
 Doug & Scheryl Williams Ardmore, Oklahoma 20.00
 Butch Bridges Ardmore, Oklahoma 20.00
 Grover Wells Ardmore, Oklahoma 20.00
 Julie Riggs Oklahoma City 20.00
 James Singleterry Oklahoma City 20.00
 Edna Montgomery Tecumseh, Oklahoma 20.00
 Linda Wagner Bayfield, Colorado 200.00 (10 markers)
 Ernest Martin Ardmore, Oklahoma 40.00 (2 markers)
 Juanita Tate Ardmore, Oklahoma 200.00 (10 markers)
 Terry and Debbie Moore Springer, Oklahoma 40.00 (2 markers)
 Bill and Nita Heaphy Camano Island, Washington 20.00
 Glenda Willmon Duncan, Oklahoma 20.00
 Carrol Evans Dallas, Texas 40.00 (2 markers)
 Tommy Harris Ardmore, Oklahoma 50.00 (2 markers)
 Jerry and Deborah Harris Ardmore, Oklahoma 100.00 (5 markers)
 Anonymous Oklahoma 20.00
 Ardmore DAR Ardmore, Oklahoma 525.00 (26 markers)
 Anne Tate Boland Houston, Texas 20.00
 In Memory of  Victoria Rosser Paul San Angelo, Texas 500.00
 Jack Freeman Springer, Oklahoma 10.00
 anonymous New Mexico 100.00
 William and Ruby Roberts Ardmore, Oklahoma 100.00
 Patricia Ivey Robert Lee, Texas 100.00
 Stephen Hazelton Garland, Texas 40.00
 Gail McDaniel Victorville, California 60.00
 In Memory of Jim Harper Ardmore, Oklahoma 100.00

Total pledges received:  $2,585.00

At the end of 2006 there were still about 25 markers not replaced, mainly because info was unreadable from the inscriptions on the old markers.  Plus a few were so badly broken pieces were missing.  Back in 2006 I had no access to records or databases to help fill in the missing info, so those 25 were never made.  It has bothered me the past 6 years not being able to finish the job.

September 2012:  Now enter and other available records not available to me in 2006, plus the Sons of Confederate Veterans Brigadier General Stand Watie Camp #149 of Ardmore.

The SCV Camp #149 held their monthly meeting in September 2012 and voted to take care of the setting of the new markers and get this unfinished job finally done. And I just learned today (09/08/12) that we will soon have access to a wealth of info and records on civil war vets that had been in the hands of a private citizen in Oklahoma all these years.  I now feel like we can obtain the missing marker info and finish making new markers for the rest of those badly deteriorated at the Confederate Section of Rose Hill.

Some of those who donated in 2005 and 2006 have since passed away, but thanks to their caring generosity and the rest of the donors, we still have enough funds to finished the project.

I will be updating this webpage as we progress with the project, so check back from time to time.

Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma




There are around 425 Civil War veterans and their wives buried in Rows 1 through 25 of the Confederate Veterans Section of Rose Hill Cemetery.

If you only want to search for names in the Confederate Veteran section in Rose Hill Cemetery of the names database, just use the PicoSearch below. In the pull down menu on the RIGHT side of the box you will see "Search Grave Markers". This search will only search for Confederate veteran names that I have been working on through this webpage.

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This is an overview photo of the Confederate Veterans Section. Click Here

As an added note, many of the Civil War veterans buried in this section of Rose Hill cemetery spent their last days at what was called the Oklahoma Confederate Veterans Home or the "Old Soldiers Home" back in those days. Today we know it as the Oklahoma Veterans Center located on South Commerce (phone 580-223-2266). The Oklahoma Confederate Veterans Home was opened in 1911. In 1949 the name "Confederate" was dropped.

A birds eye view of the Oklahoma Veterans Center. Click Here

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