American Flyers Crash Memorial

American Flyers Memorial

Information on Flight 280/D that crashed April 22, 1966
15 miles NE of Ardmore, Oklahoma

On Monday, March 7, 2000 I took the following two photos of the crash area on Goddard's Ranch:

The main area of the crash looking east toward Highway 177.

Looking southwest down the valley toward the Ardmore Airpark and the NE to SW runway they were trying to reach.

Here's a photo I took of the site at near the airpark entrance weeks before the monument was set.

Some photos I took the week before the June 17, 2000 Dedication:

Photo Number 1. A close up of the memorial site with the Memorial stone covered.

Photo Number 2. A distant view of the memorial site.

Photo Number 3. One of two granite benches with the Donors names on it it.

Photo Number 5. This is Doug Gray (center with back to us) and others erecting the Charles M. Gray Memorial. Doug made it in Houston and brought it up here to install at the site. The person in dark clothing is Tuck Wilkinson (holding clipboard), who has provided all the landscaping for the memorial site.

Photo Number 6. A close-up view of the Charles M. Gray Memorial.

Testimonials I've received as emails from people all over the country regarding the air crash.

On February 26, 2000 Rick Feiler and I set up an account at Citizens Bank and Trust here in Ardmore to hold donations.

American Flyers Memorial Fund
% Butch Bridges
PO Box 11
Ardmore, OK 73402

An Accounting of all donations received and expenses paid to date.

Here is the official information on the crash by the Aviation Safety Network along with a photo of the Lockheed L-188C Elecrtra, like the one Mr. Pigman was flying that dreadful Friday evening.

The Remembrance Memorial Park website

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