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Ardmore, Oklahoma
Sunday, September 18, 1910



The little city of Springer was visited by a fire Friday night that cost that town ten thousand dollars. Between the hours of seven and eight in the evening fire from some unknown cause broke out in the postoffice building. The building was quickly consumed and the government lost some property. It is said that more then $90 licked up by the flames, money that had been received for the sale of stamps. D.P. McDowel, the postmaster, had in the office a cold drink stand. All the fixtures were destroyed. The building was the property of Robert F. Scivally and he was protected with no insurance. The fire quickly spread to the blacksmith shop of Kuntz Bros., and it too was totally destroyed with no insurance. The general merchandise store of D.M Sellers & Company was destroyed, together with their stock of goods. Over the Sellers Company store was the hall occupied by the Masons, Odd Fellows and Woodmen. All their paraphernalia was destroyed. The building belonged to W.O.W. Company and Robt. F. Scivally owned the majority of the shares. He was also a member of the Sellers mercantile firm. Mr. Scivally had built a fifty foot addition to the building upon which there was no insurance. Sellers & Co., carried a $6,000 stock and $4,000 insurance. The Woodmen had $800 insurance.

The flames threatned to sweep clean the south side of Main street. The fire, fanned by the wind, was making great headway and the fire fighters resorted to dynamiting the Eskew store. The store was razed to the ground, the debris was removed, and the path of the fire was stopped. Mr. Eskew owned a stock of drugs and he carried no insurance. By destroying his store the fire was stopped and the balance of the town was saved.

The total loss to the town will amount to more then ten thousand dollars and there was less then one-half that amount of insurance carried.

Robert F. Scivally was driving into Ardmore last night. When he reached Hargrove Heights he saw the blaze and believing it to be Springer that was burning, turned and drove back home.

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