Magnetic Hill Springer Oklahoma


Magnetic Hill

West 1 and 1/2 miles of Springer, Oklahoma

on Highway 53 West and I-35, then north 3/4 mile

On Sunday afternoon September 1, 2002 I had an experience I never thought possible in this county. I went out NW of Springer, Oklahoma to what us locals call Magnetic Hill or Gravity Hill and watched my truck roll up hill at 10 miles an hour!

Gravity Hill/Magnetic Hill is located 1 1/2 miles west of I-35 and Highway 53 (take Exit 42). Go west on Highway 53 to Pioneer Road (used to be Pitt Road) then turn north and go about 1/2 mile to the bottom of the hill (Pioneer Road is NW of Springer, Oklahoma). When you get down to the bottom of the hill (you'll be heading north off Highway 53) you will see a lot of gravel that has washed up on the blacktop road from the rains. This in itself tells a person they are at the bottom of the hill. Stop your car at this point, put it in neutral, let off the brake, and something will pull your car backwards (south) at 10 miles an hour or more! Of course there is no " big magnet" there, but its the best darn optical illusion you'll ever see in Oklahoma!

Here are 3 photos I took back in September 2002. The first one is looking north on Pioneer Road toward where Vermont Road goes back east and under I-35. The last two photos are looking south toward Highway 53.

Photo 1            Photo 2            Photo 3

This a map to Magnetic Hill in northern Carter County near I-35 and Exit 42.

GPS:  97.1780 34.3452  <--- copy and paste this in Google.

Or click here.....  Google Maps

05/22/11:  In the Fall of 2010 Jim Foreman visited Magnetic Hill, recorded a video of his experience, and uploaded it to Youtube.

Jim Foreman Video


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