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Vol 11  Issue 560     Circulation 5,000      October 18, 2007

Ardmore, Oklahoma

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Delaware Mount has been referred to as the high dividing ridge between the headwaters of the Muddy Boggy and Clear Boggy creeks, and the valleys of Sandy Creek and the Canadian River. Through the Choctaw Nation, Black Beaver's band of Delaware were permitted to settle in this area by the Choctaw National Council in 1844. Later the natural phenomena became a landmark for the forty-niners traveling over the California Road to the gold fields of California.  This "Mount" extended from several miles south of Ada, Oklahoma, northeast to the Canadian River. At the top of this plateau travelers exclaimed on the find view of the headwaters of Muddy and Clear Boggy creeks.  -Mark of Heritage

In last weeks T&T we had pictures of Harold Newman of Lone Grove drilling a new water well at James Lindsey's place SE of Ardmore.  Harold had witched the property the day before and found the best place to drill, and as it turned out, he was right on the money.  James says he's got some really good water now, 120 feet below ground.  I went back  a couple days later and took a pic of the well pipe and concrete sealer around the new pipe Harold did to finish out his part of the well drilling.

Since I took the above picture of the newly drilled well, James has had Harold Wayne Dudley put in the needed well pump and all.

Now that Jill and I have 3 acres out south of Lone Grove, I guess we need to get our property water witched, or a dowsing done, to see if there might be a good place to put a water well.  If anyone is a gifted dowser, let me know, and we'll go out there some pretty day and look for a vein of water.

I got a dozen and half fresh eggs give to me this week.  Jill made deviled eggs from them, and they are delicious.  When I looked at those farm fresh eggs, it reminded me of living with my grandparents, Stanley and Addie Carmon, on 3rd Northeast back in the early 60s. In one end of a lumber shed (Carmon Lumber Company) beside our house there was a chicken coop.  I'd go out there many evenings and gather the eggs and feed the chickens. That big old white rooster sure didn't like me.  lol

Back before World War II in 1930 Hostess put out banana crème filled Twinkies (not vanilla crème as today).  Because of the shortage of bananas during the war, they stopped making the banana Twinkies (1940s).  To probably many American's sadness, Hostess never started back up with their banana Twinkies after WWII ended.  But this year they started doing just that, filling those delicious Twinkies with banana creme!  I was in the Carter County Assessors Office this week, and there in their break room was a whole box of banana Twinkies, and I couldn't resist trying one. Oh man, you talk about great taste..... I'm so glad they resumed production!

I remember a T&T Reader telling me about his home being burglarized while they were away for the weekend.  This happened several years ago, but he said they took nearly everything in the house including the dog food.  He told me its a strange feeling to stand in your house and everything is gone, and you can't remember what was in this corner of a room, but you know there was something there.  The lesson he learned was to keep an inventory of your house contents.  At the least, take pictures once a year and keep them in a safe place.  And even better, walk through the house with a movie camera, and record all the home's contents. This week I found a great website where you can record your home's contents, along with pictures, in case of a day when its all gone. You're insurance man would love it, make his job so much easier.  And its a free service!

Last week we also talked about Poker Rock SW of Lone Grove.  I forgot to include a map of about where this unusual rock is located.....

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"hi Butch & Jill.  i was reading this issue and i was suprised to read about the town of Marsden, Oklahoma. my uncle ran the post office and one of the first stores in the town. my uncles' name was James Andrew Fleming. I was told he ran the post office until there was a fire and it burned down with his store. lately your letters have been giving me quiet a bit of information on some of my family. thanks a lot for the info."  -betty daniels
"Dear Butch,  I would love to have information about the gas station at 310 West Main in Ardmore in the early 1950's or the late 1940's.  It was owned by my grandfather Rube Wells and was called Rube Wells Auto and Radio Service.  Does a picture exist of it that someone would be willing to share with me?  My husband's father was also the owner of a gas station in Atoka Oklahoma in the early 1950's."

"Hi Butch, I am writing to ask your readers if they might know any Harris that was related to my Grandmother Oma Mae Harris Brown. Here is what I know. Oma Harris was born in 1892. Her death certificate lists her father as Charles Harris. In about 1910 she married Martin E. Brown of Ardmore. The lived in Ardmore in 1920 at J Street NE. They had three children Cortez, Raymond and Bessie. If anyone has knowledge of her or the Harris side of my family please contact me."  -Richard Brown
"I am writing you in hopes that you might have some information regarding my great great Uncles Alfred and Frank Grall. Alfred was the first Sheriff of Shawnee Ok. He along with his brother Frank built the first jail. Frank went on to serve 38 years as a lawman in the Oklahoma/Indian territories. He also served the state of Oklahoma after 1907. Frank was supposed to have his name on a granite slab outside city hall in Shawnee following his death. I understand City Hall was destroyed by a tornado in the late 60’s early 70’s. Would you happen to have any pictures of these buildings or of Frank or Alfred? I know it is a long shot, but just thought I would ask." -Kathie Baldridge
"I have been trying to find some information about my great grandmother Eddie Griggs of Ada Oklahoma, I don’t think she is famous for anything, but she was a palm reader and read a few famous palms (i.e. Loretta Lynn.) The story was that her father (a Marshal in Oklahoma Indian territory) was murdered by the James Brothers on the same day she was born. Locals seemed to think that she had some type of gift for seeing or sensing the future because of her father’s demise. I was wondering if you had ever heard or seen any information that could corroborate this story."
"I went to Hugo, Oklahoma today at the Lane Frost Rehab Center.  This was built after Lane Frost (movie 8 Seconds) was killed in a bull riding accident.  It was built to help cowboys heal from serious injuries, but now it is open to all.  If you have a serious injury this is the place to be.  It looks more like a resort hotel than a hospital.  Lane Frost is buried in Hugo next to Freckles Brown."  -Doug

“Concentrate your energies, your thoughts and your capital.... The wise man puts all his eggs in one basket and watches the basket.” -Andrew Carnegie

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
Nashobish Ikana
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Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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