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Vol 12  Issue 574     Circulation 5,000      January 24, 2008

Ardmore, Oklahoma

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Back around 1997 Leroy McDaniel sent me some photos he took when he was around 16 years old (about 1943). The photos are of the cotton gin fire in Ardmore located on the east side of South Washington in the 300 block. The reason I'm bringing this up is because several of you wrote in and asked was the the dark area in the SE corner of the 1940 Ardmore aerial submitted by Garth Hoard.  It was pointed out this area was on the east side of South Washington in about the 300 block.  Here is the link to that particular aerial and you can see the black area on the map.

Below are links to the photos Leroy McDaniel took as a teen age apprentice working for a local photographer.

Photo one, photo two, photo three, photo four, photo five, and photo six.

Speaking of Leroy (now deceased) and Jimmie McDaniel, some of you will remember for years that maintained a wonderful website devoted to mostly Mannsville, Oklahoma.  I tried to access the website and its now offline.  Does anyone know what happened to the McDaniel webpages?  I have tried to call Jimmie several times at Mannsville and only get a recording.




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"Col. Charles W. Mooney wrote the book "Doctor in Belle Starr Country" and was published in 1975.  The book is a partial biography of his father, Dr. Jesse Mooney Jr. and tells of his experiences as Bell Starr's personal doctor.  I was lucky and found a copy on E. Bay a few years ago."  -Marion Patten
"Dear Butch, do you know if Elmer Leroy Baker the man who wrote Gunman's Territory has any relation left around Ardmore? Thanks."
"The dark area on Washington Street about where Ernie's Meat Market is now was the old cotton compress.  It was all under one roof.  It burned and they tore it down in the early 60s I think."   -Luther L. Wooley  Ardmore, OK









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