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Albert Cullum of Overbrook stopped by to see me this week, and share a little Ardmore history.  The old Buck Garrett boarding house in the SW corner of North Washington and 3rd has been mentioned several times the past few month.  Al remembers Mrs. Ida May Garrett (1875-1958) running the boarding house when he was a youngster attending Ardmore middle school by the boarding house.  I'll let Al tell the story in his own words:

"I went to Mrs. Garrett's home during lunch hour sometimes when I was going to school.  During the early 1940s when the fruit season was going on, Ida May and I would get to talking.  I would eat some of the apricots off her tree in the backyard.  She told me it was hard to get nice renters.  Also after her house was moved 1 block to the north, Ardmore schools let a contract to build the auditorium on North Washington and 3rd.  William Edward McClanahan (1908-1999) (father of Rue McClanahan of The Golden Girls) started construction on the auditorium and a strong windstorm blew a lot of the steel framework down. (Rue's mother, Rheua Nell (1912-1973) operated Rue Nell's Beauty Salon on Grand Avenue).  Also, Jeff Franklin had the service station on the SE corner of North Washington and 3rd, but he later moved to Marietta."  -Al Cullum

Last week we mentioned Poland Chapel School from back in the 1920s and seeking any info and photos.  Wes Hull has been doing a lot of research lately on Plainview school for their upcoming 100 year celebration.  Here are some of Wes' findings:

Poland Chapel School was on the north side of Myall just to the east of the present day Plainview school building in the area of the bus parking and tennis courts. Articles from the Daily Ardmoreite tell of Poland Chapel being called Poland Chapel up until the first Sunday in October 1909 (they were in a singing contest). On October 28 an article says 60 rural schools will start the winter session on November 1st. Then by November 1st (a new school term) it was called Plainview and Poland Chapel is not used as a name after that.

Wilson Creek Cemetery was mentioned a couple weeks ago.  Here is a map showing its location in far SE Carter county.

Here's a handy little file that might help you find the new road names in Carter county when all you remember is the old name.

Ten cheapest places to buy gas in the Ardmore area......

Oklahoma History Boards!

Q.   What was NW Oklahoma called in the 1930s?
A.   The Dust Bowl

Q.   Who was Alfalfa's boy?
A.   (answer in next week's T&T)

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Hi Butch, Over the last 3 or 4 years, I have observed more and more birds out of there locale. I submit a couple of photos of White Wing Doves that have been coming to my feeder for the last two years. They have stayed the winter with me for 3 years now. They were here today as of 1/28/09. According to the Audubon Society, they usually don't range this far North. I guess word got around there's free food in Wilson, Ok. LOL." -Ken Updike, Wilson, Oklahoma

__1) WHO? The ARBUCKLE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF MURRAY COUNTY and a group of Sulphur Public School Alumni are hosting a celebration to recognize a former Sulphur resident.

__2) WHAT? The unveiling of a bronze plaque in honor of CHICKASAW INDIAN LT. COL. RAYMOND HARVEY.

__3) WHERE? Because of changeable weather, lack of seating for the crowd, etc., the ceremony will be held at the American Legion building, 910 W. 5th st.,less than a block from the Historical Society Museum at 402 W. Muskogee. Here we will have 250 chairs, a larger stage, a good sound system, etc. Since there are over 50 Korean veterans residing at the Oklahoma Veterans Center here in Sulphur, we'll be able to reserve a special section for them!

__4) WHEN? On Friday, March 27, 2009, at 2 p.m.

__5) WHY? Raymond Harvey, Sulphur resident from 1924 through 1937, moving to Oklahoma City for his senior year. Upon graduation, he joined the army and fought in Europe before going to Korea. Mr. Harvey is the only Chickasaw to ever be awarded the coveted CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR! (For more information on his career, check the Sulphur Times-Democrat and/or the Chickasaw Times).

__6) GUEST SPEAKERS. Though March 27th is several weeks away, we have invited (but have not heard from all as yet) the following to honor us with a brief, positive challenging talk: Ok. Gov. Brad Henry, Lt. Gov. Jari Askins, Chickasaw Gov. Bill Anoatubby, Chickasaw Supreme Court Justice Chari Gordon, Chickasaw Legislators Tim and Scott Colbert, OK. Senator Johnnie Crutchfield, OK State Rep. Wes Hilliard, Congressman Tom Cole, Administrator of OVC Nancy Gallup, Director of ODVA Martha Spear, SHS Superintendent Paula Crawford, City Manager Bill Holley, Executive Director OHS Bob Blackburn, Judge & Mrs. Stuart Namm and CNRA Sup. Bruce Noble.

__7) OTHER GUESTS. Chickasaw Nation Color Guard, Murray County Legionnaires.

__8) Light refreshments will be served at the MUSEUM following the program.

FYI, to further honor Mr. Harvey, the ARBUCKLE HISTORICAL SOCIETY is pursuing plans to get several grants for the purpose of building an exterior elevator to make our building more accessible for the elderly and/or physically challenged to get to the second floor exhibits. Especially will this assist the 67% of our veterans at the Veterans Center who are unable to climb steps.

MORE INFORMATION? Contact C. Roland Earsom, Chairman of Celebration Committee at: 18 Lowrance Rd, Sulphur, OK 73086 or cell phone 580-618-0444 or home phone 580-622-5118.

SPECIAL NEWS: We have just received the whereabouts of his widow and the four children. And at least some of them hope to be present for the celebration!!!!!
"I have been following your "Turner Falls Caves", and have been in a couple of them and find some interesting replies about the Methodist Boy Scouts, and Linder et. al. There is a rather prolific creek five or six miles SE of this area that reportedly outcrops through a cave system in these mountains, known as Oil Creek (falls).  There is a very nice lake on the Goddard ranch on Oil Creek and it gets its name as a wagon stop to grease wagon axels during IT days, The lake is formed from a dam and its spillway when running is a nice waterfalls back into the original channel.  I have heard this creek emanates from a cave that has been explored by some of the Goddard Family, and I'm sure you would need permission to try to find it.  There may be some of your Readers that have been in this system which is topical to your Southern Oklahoma interests.

I have spelunked with some from Odessa Texas in some of the San Andres formation that Carlsbad Caverns is in, and Cotton Wood Cave (On USGS Maps is outside the Carlsbad Caverns Park area, and begins at a higher elevation.  There are several entrances in this Cavern system but the main entrances faces east, is rather wide, greater than 100 Ft. and a high opening with spectacular columns, stalactites and stalagmites just inside the entrance.  The cave is dry at this point, but steeply dips westward in soft dust that you sink into to your knees.  Towards the end of the first room the going is easier and one finds a crevice along the south, left, side to go into a small room, edge along the crevice into another small room and a ceiling hole that can be climbed into an adjacent huge room, at which point one finds a large coffee can containing a notebook where you can date and sign in when you were there.  We descended further into the cave until it became wet , and the deposits were wet and very interesting.  At the water table, the cave became underwater and there was an anchor cable that had been extended parts unknown for our group.  Five guys in a sedan.  The interesting part we were able to drive to within 500 yards of the entrance near a forest tower, but we had to clear large rocks off the road to get the sedan there.  We took a road north of Carlsbad to circle up on the higher plateau, then head south into the area just west of Carlsbad Caverns.  This was not a boy scout camp trip, but we went into the cave about 3pm and exited dog tired about 9pm, pulled out the sleeping bags and crashed on hard rocks.  That night a cold front moved through, and we were the stiffest and aching bunch of oilfield desk jockeys you can imagine.

The cave systems in the San Andres formation reefs, (That's the El Capitan area, highest point in Texas,)  Geologically the reef system circles from this point our under the plains North of Carlsbad towards Texas then bows southward and is underground near Wink and continues. The formation contained some oil fields there, and has been used as a water supply for water floods on the Central Basin Platform that runs from North of Lubbock, to Odessa  South. To Crane and I think to Ira Ann, Texas, famous Yates Field.

Back to the El Capitan Area, I made several exploratory trips there, Met the ranch foreman for the Hunter Ranch,  Mr. Kincade for permission to climb Guadalupe Peak, which was granted.  This was before the Ranch was made into a park.  McKittrick.  I was with a young Odessa Fire Chief,  Rags Ragsdale, both radio amateurs.  We had as a goal to set up a higher elevation amateur radio station to work 2 Meters back into Texas, mostly with converted surplus radio gear.  We didn't get too far.  Instead we had an invitation from the FAA operators at Salt Flat to set up in the beacon house at Guadeloupe Pass, which we did and were sufficiently rewarded.  Several tales about this trip that includes Elk Tacos,  Mule Eared Deer, 29 Aircraft Crash Sites to visit (we made one),  Covered with rattlesnakes.  Globe Swift.

If you get a chance, see if anyone has been in Arbuckle Caves on Oil Creek.  I communicate some with Johnnie Joe Day, Mike Eakin, Gary Heartsill , Billy Bow, but have not located many of the Explorer Post guys that met at the Christian Church on Thursdays.  A lot of stories, no more time."  -Jim Renfro
"Dear Butch, My dad, Ossian Cameron, was always interested in coins and US paper money. I received my first Lincoln penny book when I was 3 years old. Growing up, my sister and I spent many nights sitting at the dining room table going through rolls of pennies or nickels that he had bought from some out of town bank. We went through bags of coins at a time when you could fill out a book with possibly the exception of 2 or 3 coins.

The coin club meetings were held at the Chamber of Commerce building on Main. Occasionally, after the meeting, we would leave and there would be men standing on the northwest corner of Main and Washington shooting pigeons off the building on the corner.

I remember one occasion when one of the club members had bought a 1909 SVDB penny from someone out of town and it turned out to be fake. I don't remember the details because I never heard them from my dad but apparently there was a trial and my dad popped the "S" off the coin on the witness stand during the trial. It was soldiered on. Rick Feiler can probably give more details about what happened.

My dad shared his love of coin collecting with anyone interested. I learned a lot of history though collecting coins." -Monroe Cameron
"Was watching my local hawk again this morn' and got the book out to reconfim some of the colors and markings.  Lo and behold, I couldn't find a Broad Shouldered Hawk at all.  There's a red shouldered and broad winged.  Must be a touch of dyslexia or something. With that noted and to get ahead of the other sharp eyed T&T readers, I've redone the image names to reflect the true reality instead of my personal one. ;)  Only thing different with these two images is the filename. Sorry about the mixup on the hawk names Butch.  The larger single hawk and the one with the feeder in the shot are both of a Broad *Winged* hawk rather than my incorrect broad shouldered (there was a red shouldered hawk on the same page).  Pic names have been corrected and resubmitted."  -Garth Hoard, Lone Grove, Oklahoma

William Carey Hardy of Richardson Texas, graduated in 1945 from Pauls Valley High School then received graduate degrees in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.  He was born and raised in Fox OK, but during WWII, his mother was asked to teach in Pauls Valley.  By the way, his mother lived to be 111 years old and attended Fox High School Reunions beyond her 100th year.  Good teachers don't die, they just run out of red pencils.

Carey Hardy's Hardy family were pioneers of the Ardmore area, who can be found in Joyce Rex's 1890 CENSUS OF CHICKASAW NATION, INDIAN TERRITORY, BOOK 2, PICKENS COUNTY, Purcell OK, McClain County Genealogical Society (1992), including an aunt named Carey Hardy.  Carey's e-mail address is

Patricia Adkins-Rochette, 580-252-2094
1509 Shadybrook Lane
Duncan, OK 73533,

Out Behind the Barn by Jimmie Dickens - 1954

My pappy used to tan my hide out behind the barn
He taught me to be dignified out behind the barn
When he took his strap to me and turned me down across his knee
He sure did hurt my dignity out behind the barn
I smoked my first cigarette out behind the barn
And that's one day I won't forget out behind the barn
I got so sick you should have seen how that tobacco turned me green
I almost died from nicotine out behind the barn
I got my education out behind the barn and I ain't a foolin' no siree
Passed each examination out behind the barn
But it almost made a wreck out of me

I met a pretty girl one day out behind the barn
She wanted me to stay and play out behind the barn
She taught me to kiss and pet that's a game I can't forget
Cause we still play the same game yet out behind the barn
I wish that I could go again out behind the barn
And do some things that I did then out behind the barn
Now you may think it ain't no fun to be a poor old farmer's son
You just don't know what all I've done out behind the barn
I got my education...

See everyone next week!

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