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I learned this week about a falls located in far northern Carter county, south of Hennipen.  As best he remembers it was called 12 Mile Springs or something like that.  He saw it many years ago while tromping around that area exploring caves, and said it was the most beautiful falls.  Maybe some of you remember this falls in the Arbuckle mountains?

I received an interesting email this week along with an attachment.  It came from a lady in Arizona who was born in Okmulgee, Oklahoma.  Here is her own words:

"Hi Butch, Here's the picture of the metal Pepsi Cola sign I told you about. I got it from a friend 30 years ago, who knew that it came from Oklahoma. Today we googled "Gertie's Grocery, OK" and found info on your web site about Gertie Morgan's Cash Grocery on the highway north of Healdton, OK. I would love to see a picture of the store that shows this sign. I'm sure it was outdoor; it measures 51" high x 42" wide. It's double sided-2 identical sides screwed together. Thanks."  -Rebecca

A number of years ago someone wrote in to the Mailbag telling some history of Gertie's Grocery.  I don't remember the Reader' name, but maybe there are others out there that remembers Gertie's.   Here is the metal sign Rebecca owns in Arizona.

Speaking of area grocery stores, the grocer webpage has had several updates the past few days.

Thanks to some of you Readers, all the people in the 1969 APD photo have probably been identified except #18 the OHP officer.

Doug Williams has been growing some new sprouts from his 6 year old plumeria plant also known as the  Hawaiian leis.  Doug will have them for sale at the Earth First Expo being held Saturday April 18 at Banc First on Main Street in Ardmore.  If  you want some of Doug's plumeria, you better get there early.

There has been some webpages added to the Carter County Government website the past few weeks.  One lists the upcoming Jury Dockets.

Also added was the various meeting agendas for the county boards and their minutes.

I've made some more progress on the shed made from wood pallets. It's really coming along better than I thought it would when I first came up with the idea.  Finally got a tin roof on.  Now to get some kind of siding on it, then 3/4 inch rock on the floor.

This next pic is a view of the thick metal brackets I set in concrete at each corner of the shed.  The concrete also is down in a hole a dug below the square concrete you see in the picture.  Hopefully this will secure the shed to the ground.

Jill snuck up on me and snapped a picture of me working.

As soon as I get the shed finished, I'll start on the chicken coop.  I've already got one picked out I want to fashion mine after.  I found it on

Wayne Vaughn found an old empty Havoline oil can this week.  I don't know the age, but it has no zip code on it.  I remember in the 60s the friends I ran with wouldn't be caught dead with a can of Havoline around the house, must less put it in our cars.  But times have changed.

Well, maybe the economic recovery that we've been hearing so much about on the news has started.  For several years I've always paid $2.11 for the best milk in Oklahoma.  Today I only paid $1.95 for the same item.

Now if gas prices will come on down, which by the way jumped up 12 to 15 cents the past 24 hours.  Ten cheapest places to buy gas in the Ardmore area......

Oklahoma History Boards!

Q.   In what Oklahoma state park can you find sand dunes?
A.    Little Sahara State Park, south of Waynoka Oklahoma. 

Q.   Who was the first Oklahoma governor to campaign on TV?
A.   (answer in next week's T&T)

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

Hensley Café.   "My grandfather Leonard Nathan Hensley owned a small café just across the street from Pratt’s grocery on Caddo.  It was called the Hensley Café.  The small rock building is still there, boarded up. My father, Jack Hensley worked there along with his brother Harold and sisters Jewell and Opal.  Grandpa’s specialty was red top (chili) stew.  The Café was there in the early 1940’s.  I at one time got to view inside the building and seen that it was quite small, just enough room for a counter, a few stools and a cook stove."   -Robert Hensley
"On Friday the 13th I noticed my first Purple Martin (a scout). This morning there are 2 of them so I am sure they have started their migration from South America to the upper 48." -Rick
"Butch, this is a picture of my fraternal grandpa and his brother Jim. The picture was taken in the late 1800's in Green Forest, Arkansas. Sam, the one with the gun, and his brother, Jim, on the right, were showing off. The picture was taken before Sam had met my grandma. The picture is indicative of the dress, and behavior of the cowboy in the 1800's. Not long ago, I sent you a story of the Sam Reeves and Laura Beavers families heading to the Gold Rush in California. The two families left on a wagon train out of Fort Smith taking the southern route through Boggy Depot, Fort Washita, Fort Arbuckle, and on to Amarillo where the wagon train was stopped and turned back due to marauding Apaches. Sam met Laura along the route and the rest resulted in me writing this story.  -Charles Smith

"If you have not read the book "America, in Color", you  have missed a wonderful opportunity.  Author John Bailey is a master of research and a great story teller. "America, in Color" is available at The Book Seller in Ardmore."  -Sally Gray
"Butch, I was pleased to see the piece about "Baseball in the Cross Timbers". It is a unique book and a must for baseball fans. The Greater Southwest Historical Museum, Chickasaw Regional Library, Ardmore Higher Education Center and the Goddard Center, are sponsoring a book signing on May 20th at the Historical Museum. The event is scheduled for 7:00 pm. The author, Peter G. Pierce, will be on hand for a presentation and book signing. The Museum is developing a special exhibit for the event complete with uniforms and pictures of early day teams. Light refreshments will be served. This event is free and open to the public. Don't miss it-- it's sure to be a Home Run!!".  -Helen

"Butch , regarding the picture of McGalliard cave in the Arbuckles.  Ollie Testerman was not in the picture if it was in the late 60 's or early 70's . Ollie died  Nov. 11, 1970. I don't think he was able to climb the last couple of years. He had open heart surgery 11-11-1970 and died in surgery. We know this because he was my husband's uncle and we visited with him a lot. He taught agriculture at Springer High School for many years."
"Butch, I lived only a few blocks from the old Tribe Park (North Washington and Monroe Streets).  Several of us boys would chase foul balls and get broken bats from the team.  We repaired the bats with small nails and wrapped them tight with tape.  Eventually we were able to organize 4 teams in Ardmore.  This was before the days of Y baseball.  My team in the northeast was called the Alleycats, Don McGuire's southeast team was the Southeast Raiders, Homer Moyers team in the northwest was the Northwest Savages.  Denny Mitchell had a team in the southwest but I can't remember the team name.  We each had our own "home" field and would travel across town on our bikes to play doubleheaders. We hung around the Ardmore Indians and watched them practice.  It was the beginning of baseball in this area.  Ardmore High School had it's first baseball team in 1950. For those who are interested, here is the starting lineup for the Indians in 1947:

Pat Paterson, catcher
Dutch Prather, firstbase and manager
Morris Card, secondbase
Colonel Stephens, thirdbase
Chek Chektovitch (sp?) shortstop
(Red Sollars came in 1948 and played shortstop. He retired in Ardmore and worked for his soon-to-be father in law, at Bob Barnett's Plumbing Store. He turned it into a Sports Store and later went to college and got his degree to teach.  He taught and coached in Ardmore High School and played with our Ardmore Bluejays semi-pro team along with a few other ex-Sooner State league players)
Homer Smotherman, left field
Bob Anderlik (sp?) centerfield
Noel Philly, rightfield
Can't remember all the pitchers or who was probably the best. Later, Cubans made up some of the Indians.  They lived in the old apartment building on the corner of North Washington and 2nd avenue.  One of the most popular was lefthand pitcher Armeen Somonte (sp?)  They were paid $120 per month.  I understand that Darrel McGuire knows a lot about the old Sooner State League and was the source for some of the information in the book.  He served as batboy some on the time for the Indians.  Also, Les Gilliam was a bat boy in 1951."  -Clyde Kemp

"Hi Butch, what a great website.  I am trying to put together my family tree, starting from Thomas Parker, Wilson Parker, Wesley l. Parker.  My mother was a Parker and her brother passed a few weeks ago in Ringling, Wesley Parker. He was the last of Wesley l Parker's children. Anyway you can help will be appreciated. Thanks and keep up the good work.  Most of the family was from Ringling."  -Eddie Bennett from Seabrook, Texas

"Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship"  -Benjamin Franklin

See everyone next week!

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