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Perhaps Ardmore's first major industrialist was John Monro Cameron.  Born in Montreal, Canada of Colin and Nancy (Monro) Cameron, John grew up in St Louis, Missouri. His first manufacturing was in the production of shoes. His initial involvement with the oil industry was in Chanute, Kansas at the Erie Field, and he built an oil refinery there (Great Western) and was its general manager.  In  1918 John and his family moved to Ardmore and here he built the Cameron Refinery, the first plant of its kind in Oklahoma. He served as its president and general manager.  The refinery has been enlarged through the years, and remains one of the major industries in Ardmore, serving as a great economic boost to the entire area.  On October 3, 1905 John was married to Elizabeth Charlotte Hancock Cameron, and they had the following children: John Monro III, Ossian, and Alice Elizabeth.  The Camerons were members of the Presbyterian Church-from the book Indian Territory and Carter County Pioneers, 1983

T&T Reader Monroe Cameron in Montana sent in a photograph of his grandfather, John Monro Cameron, taken at St Louis in 1917.  Thanks Monroe for sharing the photo.

I ran across a photo on from the 30s.  Its the C.G. Spindler Gravel Asphalt Pit Ardmore Oklahoma.

Speaking of I know one Reader in Perry, Oklahoma who would really do some reminiscing of the old movie projector photos......

Jill and I stopped at the Fried Pie place at the edge of Davis a couple weeks ago.  Their moon pies are delicious.  I remember when their bakery was located at the SW corner of 12th NW and K Street in Ardmore where Lang's Service Station used to be located.  The Lang's operated the service station from 1952 to January 2000).  After a lot of cleanup (required by the EPA) the Fried Pie place moved into the old filling station.  Then the Fried Pie place moved to a new building out near the new Braums next to I-35 and 12th Street.  From that location they moved to their present location at the south Davis exit and I-35.

We only have 2 deer that comes up in our backyard every evening to eat corn.  Something happened to the 2 bucks that used to accompany these 2 last Fall after deer season opened.

When we had a 45 mile an hour wind come through last month, it broke the rope on the flag pole located on the south side of the courthouse.  Galaxy Signs came out last week and replaced the rope with a vinyl covered cable. Should last many years.

While Galaxy Signs was here, they attached a new antenna to the mast outside the EOC office.

Carter County Sheriffs Office received a new tool last week called a MotoShot Remote. It can be used at the shooting range for officer firearms training. And the robot will really come in handy when they need to send in the robot with a camera to check out a building or house, before sending in a officer.

Last week I mentioned a new gadget by Magic Jack for cellphones.  Some thought I was talking about their box for home phones (which has been available for several years), but this is a new device that comes out in about 4 months works with cell phones.

I had a request last week from a lady seeking a map showing the Oklahoma fault lines.  I did a google search and went to several websites but found no such map.  One website even tried to download a Trojan virus or something to my computer, and thank God my Microsoft Security Essentials caught it.  Does anyone know of a map that shows the fault lines in Oklahoma?

Another request this week from a Reader seeking info on a Cobb, Oklahoma in Carter county.  I have heard of several Cobb, Oklahoma's but not one in Carter county.  Any one have more info?

Another Reader asked this week about the "tomato growing expert" I talked about last year.  He was needing to ask some questions about a planned tomato crop this spring.  The 'expert' was John Cook in Texas.  He is very knowledgeable on growing tomatoes.  Here is his email address I had on John last summer:   Send John an email with your questions, he will be glad to help.

For nearly a month I have been in the process of making myself a moped out of an old bicycle a Reader provided just for that purpose.  The bike was in need of some repairs in the brake system, etc., but first off it needed new tires.  I had looked around town for a tire that would fit my bike, 26 X 1 3/8 and couldn't find any at first.  But when I checked with Nellie Rhyne at Ardmore Cycle Shop on North Washington, she had exact replacements.  I bought 2 tires at $8.95 each.  More on my bike-turned-moped in future issues.  And don't forget Nellie is the best key maker in town! So if you need a key made, go to the Ardmore Cycle Shop.

I did take a pic of the sprocket mounted to the spokes on the back wheel of the bicycle.  Soon I'll have the rest put together including the motor mounted to the frame under the seat.

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

Q.   What Native American tribe was attacked by Custer in Indian Territory?
A.    The Cheyenne at the Battle of Washita 1868 against Chief Black Kettle

Q.   What was the first Capital of Oklahoma?
A.    (answer in next week's issue)

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"I thought you might enjoy this. We talked at work about a "1 to 10" scale for hamburgers and I developed the following criteria soon after.  After using the criteria to rate a few burgers I wonder if it isn't a little too stringent, but then again, great burgers are hard to come by and the truly great ones really are hard to find. Hope you enjoy."  -Lew


1. You can’t tell whether this is a vegetarian burger or made from meat of some sort.

2. This one is probably made from meat but it is hard to tell from what kind of animal.

3. Enough salt and hot peppers might make this burger worth eating if you are hungry enough.

4. Almost edible even when not starving to death. This burger is acceptable after salting and pretty good with enough mustard, ketchup, pepper and whatever else you can find.

5. An all around good beef patty burger. This burger is entirely bearable. You might find yourself eating more of these since excellent burgers are so hard to find. This is the highest rating that a fast food burger can attain.

6. Usually a home cooked style burger with great potential where the chef takes pride in their burger making. It might suffer a little from being made with lean beef, marketing gimmicks like seeing how big they could make it, or lack toasted buns. Otherwise, special care has been taken in most all details of this burger’s preparation. This is almost a serious burger but has just not quite reached mature burgerhood.

7. A serious and very well designed ground beef burger with toasted buns. This burger was probably created on a grill that has been seasoned for at least 20 years. Proportions of greenage (lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, etc.) if used, are close to perfect. This is a hamburger connoisseur’s delight and is very exciting. You can hardly wait to get another one (or two) of these.

8. A burger made with love and dedication by a chef devoted to the art of burger creation, or it may possibly be exceptional by virtue of many thousands of burgers made by this chef. Cosmic circumstances have had to come together to result in a burger that rates this well. This burger has unique traits and somehow the flavor continues to improve for hours after eating it.

9. Oh my GAWD!!! This IS the best burger you have ever had. A rare discovery that has been blessed by fate, special talents of the burger maker, or unexplained events that result in what can be best described as an almost religious experience. This burger is a possible “10” but there is no way to know for certain since the “10” may not reveal itself, hopefully for quite some time.

10. This burger can bring tears to a person’s eyes. The “10” is that special hamburger you might reminisce about during your last thoughts on earth. It may have been made by your mom or shared with your best friend during the best of times. When eaten, the “10” may have received a lesser rating but as with other great works, this burger has improved with the passing of time. It is the burger you wish you could take with you because you know they can’t possibly make them this good in heaven.

"Speaking of doing remarkable things, I’m attaching a link to a very realistic computer model of the “Miracle on the Hudson.”  If you haven’t seen it, take a look.  It’s fascinating, too, even tho’ you already know how it’s going to end." -Bill

Here’s the link:

"Hi Butch, I noticed the railroad worker's dorm car in the photo, I remember them on the siding when they were doing rail work in Gene Autry in the 60s."  -Jerry Williams

"My cousin, Armeda Jost, from Waco, TX had just moved to Haiti (Port au Prince) Dec. 14th since her retirement as a nurse to help the people down there and to spread the word of God. Needless to say we went into panic from the quake news and no one could contact her. We heard from her today, FINALLY. Her and her group are safe and trying to make it to some other place called "Cae" where she hopes to get fresh water and food. Please keep her and all of Haiti in your prayers. It makes a BIG difference when you personally have family members in such a dire situation. You cannot disconnect from the grief and worry. It fills your dreams at night and you are glued to CNN hoping to catch a glimpse of your loved one. Tonight I will sleep much better and thank God for his blessings."   -Licia Babb
Hey Butch/Jill
I have been reading the stories about your chicken coop with great interest wondering when that "
ol rooster" would start acting up. That "dad gum' rooster is like a nightmare from out of my past 60+ years ago.
My uncle Harvey had one of
em and every time I would go from his house to Grandpa Poindexter's house he would run out of that long row of honeysuckle bushes with his spurs a flying. This went on for the longest time-months it seemed. He got me good one time and as a fat little boy of four I couldn't always out run him.
That was my Uncle Harvey's "FAVORITE" pet rooster but I was the little boy he never had,
When I came down with a horrible, I mean horrible case of "chicken pox", my Uncle
Harv whispered something in my ear as I lay in misery on the featherbed cot in Grandpa's bedroom.
Butch'y Boy, If you hurry up and get well, I promise you I will ring that dadburn roosters neck out by the bedroom window just so you can see it and your Aunt Jessie will cook him up into the best pot of "Chicken and Dumplings" you have ever tasted."
He did his part and I did mine. To this day whenever I get ill, I always turn to some kind of chicken soup. I also have to tell you that the first bite of that old rooster went down really well, I couldn't believe anything that mean could taste that good.
I'm telling you I remembered this like it was yesterday every time I saw a picture of that rooster in your
. I wish the old boy well in his new surroundings with all those hens maybe he'll be to busy to be mean. LOL
But maybe, just maybe, he could've wound up in pot on your stove, eh?
As always, your friend.
-John (Butch) in Illinois

"Thought I would send you a picture of what one of my hobbies is. I Love working with wood. I have also made several Oak Gliders of the same pattern as the swings. I made Karen a special one-of-a-kind glider, it took me about 2 years to finish needless to say I did not work on it that long. I cut it all out one year and two years later I put it all together. These that I make now I cut them all out in the rough put them together to make sure they all fit like they are suppose to then take them all apart rout, sand, and finish. They are all Red Oak and sell for $425.00 + shipping." -Cole

Museum Memories
Compiled by Melinda Taylor
The Wilson News
September 21, 1916
W. M. Babcock has timbers on the ground for his rig in the northwest corner of section 24-4-3, Producers Oil Company.
September 28, 1916
~ Telegraphic press reports state that Ringling is to have a nice new church. From other press reports we gather that Ringling needs a nice new addition to her jail. Love Co. News
~ E. C. Mobley is installing a gasoline station at his confectionary.
~ E. C. Mobley has purchased a new Chevrolet auto, he is not married, 26 years old and very wealthy. A good catch girls.
~ We hope to have water and lights this fall!
-Come visit the Wilson Museum Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat. 10:00 a. m. to 4:00 p.m.

Much ingenuity with a little money is vastly more profitable and amusing than much money without ingenuity. -Arnold Bennett

See everyone next week!

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