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Last week's newsletter was longer then most because of the photos I wanted to share from Butterfield's Antiques in Duncan, Oklahoma.  I'll finish up those photos in this issue and hopefully send out a T&T more close to normal size.

As I mentioned last week, Rick Minter has in his store a item so unique its not for sale. It is a Flint Chip Kit for making Indian arrowheads. The kit was made sometime around 1950.  Rick told us there are very few in the country still available for viewing by the public. As you will see in the second photo on the right side, it has the Boy Scouts of American emblem on the box.  Now don't call Rick and ask what the price is, like I said, its not for sale.  One man came in some time back, told Rick 'everything is for sale if the price is right'.  Rick told him not this item.  lol

Now moving on, this next pic is a minnow bucket no one has probably never seen.  What makes it different is the fins around the lower part of the bucket. Its designed to hang over the end of the boat with minnows in it.  As you catch fish, the fish are placed in the bucket for the trip back to the dock.  As you troll back to shore with the minnow bucket hanging over the back of the boat, it spins around and around, and literally cleans the scales right of the fish, ready to filet when you reach shore, or home.

Here is another minnow bucket nobody has probably seen before. Not as unique as the one above, but still very different from the common minnow bucket.

This next antique is really neat too.  We all know what a hay hook looks like, I even have one in my tool shed.  But this one is from over a 100 years ago, many are/was used in the Pennsylvania area Rick told us.  The hook is for lifting the bale of hay up into the hay loft of a barn.  Its attached to a rope hanging outside the hay loft door suspended above the ground on a pulley, and you let it fall into the bale of hay.  When it sinks into the hay, the mechanism opens and causes the barbs to push out in to the hay bale, ready to pull up into the barn by the rope. You will see the barbs in the 3rd photo.  It still works!

This next item is a pancake turner and you'd wonder why they are not still available today. Just push the spatula under the pancake, squeeze the handle and it flips that pancake right over!

Its really a quite simple gadget, I tried to take a close-up of the handle.

This week 2 more turkeys starting appearing in our backyard to eat the chicken scratch we put out, bringing the total to 4.

Since Kevin Eubanks left the Tonight Show' band last month, Jay Leno's show is sure lacking. May never be the same.

Some of you will remember I mentioned my website for sale a year ago at the price of $4,602.   The way I came up with that price is $1 per each daily Hit according to (I'm getting 1,400 more Hits a day then the Daily Ardmoreite website).  Someone could have had a ready-made, 15 year old website but now the price has gone up. My Facebook has 1,170 friends, I'm adding a dollar for each one of those.  Current price:  $5,768.  Now don't everyone rush to buy it.   lol

Q.   Who introduced horses to Oklahoma?
A.    Spanish Explorers

Q.   Where is Oklahoma's most famous mound builder's village located?
A.    (answer in next week's issue)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Does anyone have any pictures of the two old viaducts that crossed the railroads in NE Ardmore? If so, please share with us.  I was told the one on 4th Ave. NE was shorter than the one over 5th Ave NE."
"Danielle Nowell is a native of Ardmore, Oklahoma and graduated from Plainview High School. She competes in the pole vault. She holds a personal best of 12-6. She won a state title, earned all-state honors and broke the state meet pole vault record. I know you don’t usually mention stuff about sports in your T&T, but I’m just too excited about this and just wanted to pass it on. Here’s the link to the complete story."
"Butch, I wish I'd known that you were heading west this past week. I would've reminded you (I sent you an E-mail on this a couple of years ago) to try the burger at the Cedar Street Grill in Duncan. If I'm within 15 miles of Duncan I ALWAYS go there for the burger. You've got to make a mental note next time you're in the area. You will NOT be disappointed. All the best."  -Brandon
"I remember that Bill and Barb's Restaurant on North Washington Street had "Educated" burgers. I have only seen this designation a few other times." -Dwain Fuller
"I believe that my great grandfather James Wilson Phillips shot the sheriff in Tishomingo around 1920. My mother knew the story best but she passed away in 2004. He was convicted and spent 7 hrs before being pardoned by the governor. His son, my grandfather Julius F. Phillips wrote letter after letter until he was free. I don't know how to go about finding out more information. Can anyone help with where I might find this family story? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks."  -Suzan Dayton
"Butch:  I never knew Ardmore coach J. C. Dunn personally, but I have known of him since I went to Southeastern for one semester back in 1950." -Royse Samples, Cache, Oklahoma
This isn't a rubber band story, but once while driving from Ardmore to Oklahoma City our fan belt broke and we used a pair of my panty hose as a temporary solution. Since the belt didn't break until Norman, we didn't have any problems getting back to our apt. in Del City.   :-)
Butch, my Great-granny Rich had a well bucket just like that. My brother & I would fight over who got to "draw water" whenever we would visit her house on the highway going towards Springer. I can still remember just how good & cold that well water tasted. Yummmm!! By the way, as kids, we didn't live but a couple of blocks from your great-granny. Our old house still stands on the corner of G Street NE & 7th Street. We were just about a block from Washington Elementary. I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't at least see each other in the neighborhood, let alone play together. :-)
"Butch, So glad the subject of metal roller skates came up. I remember well my pair of metal roller skates,. I was about eight years old. There were no sidewalks, so my uncle found two small slabs and hauled them to our front yard. Hour after hour, I would hop on one, do a couple of turns, then hop on the other one, etc. The greatest thing was the key. I kept it on a string around my neck, and you would have thought it was a key to the bank by the way I guarded it. I believe the skates cost $1.50."
"Hi Butch, You know that I did cakes for many many years. When Eddie Rue came home to marry her childhood sweetheart 'Tom', her mother contacted me to do a small wedding cake for her! I did and I have her picture with Tom and also her picture with my daughter that I took when we delivered the cake. Great memory!"
"Butch, last edition you had a story by Danny Hull on the subject of rubber guns. He mentioned Jarvis Smith, Garth Smith and Garth's friends who I am sure was James Beck and John Clayton. But a short little tid bit about Danny Hull. Jarvis (who was one of my fondest friends) and I were in the slaughter house behind Jarvis' home in Wilson when Danny decided to keep us in there for a while, so each time we tried to leave, Danny would shoot into the enclosure with a .22 bullet and keep us pinned down for some time, this went on for over an hour until Hattie Smith (Jarvis's mom and Danny's grandmother) caught Danny, We were free at last. I do believe that Danny went on to become a Minister, and all of the above have since passed on. I was never involved in the rubber gun fights, but we spent many an hour in corn cob fights in the Smith cow lots and corn cobs were not the only thing we would throw from the lots." -Ken Kemp, Whitesboro, Texas (formally from Wilson)
"I was given an old heavy metal chair today, does anyone know anything about maybe it's style or age? It probably weighs 40 pounds and stands 30 inches tall."  -Doug Williams

Re: Tomatoes:  "I wonder if I forgot to tell you something last year. Please advise your people to add about two tablespoons of Epsom salts every other week and water it in. It will make your crop stay beautifully green and grow like a weed! There is no best way to apply as long as it is watered in. You can dissolve it in water, sprinkle it on, bury it, whatever—just get it to the roots. The advantage of Epsom salts over other soil enhancing chemicals, such as dolomite lime is that is has high solubility.

Epsom salts are not salt, but Magnesium sulfate, Magnesium is a secondary macronutrient. Magnesium is the central atom of the chlorophyll molecule and is important in photosynthesis. Magnesium is also important in protein synthesis and enzyme processes, and it helps plants to absorb and use phosphorous and nitrogen. Epsom salts basically contain the essential growth minerals of Magnesium, Sulphur and Oxygen. Epsom salts are used to correct Magnesium deficiency in potted plants, but it’s almost always useful—especially in tomatoes (and peppers) as they are considered a “magnesium hungry” crop. If I didn’t mention it, I apologize. It’s one of my favorite additives. I may experiment with feeding 20-20-20 and 10-30-20 etc, and side dressing, placing the feed through the bottom of a cut off plastic bottle that I buries, and other methods, but I always use the magnesium and especially in potted plants. With tomatoes, I also insure I rotate crops and in pots, clean well using a 10% solution of bleach. I like to also check soil ph. Soil ph kits are available and tomatoes like to be a bit on the acidic side at 6.0 to 6.5. (7.0 is neutral and up is alkaline)."

"Hi Butch: Bengal Fire Ant Killer may also be purchased at D & J Hardware & Building Supply in Lone Grove for $7.98 Thanks." -Anna Marie
"Does anyone know the story of the buildings on 12th NW  where Mitchell Barber Shop is located??"
"Last week, Mr. Bumgarner wrote about used brick from the old hospital. If I remember correctly, the first homes built with old brick, in large numbers, were those built after the Carter Seminary fire in the late 50's. I don't remember who had the job of removing the mortar from the bricks, but they became the "hot, new" building element in new home construction at the time. It seems like new homes on Meadow Drive across 77 and just north of Carter Seminary were some of the first homes built with the "twice fired" brick. A lot of new homes were built from that supply of bricks." -Monroe Cameron
"This message is for folks who live in Kansas and Northern Oklahoma. I’ll be in concert on Friday night, June 11, 2010 at the Prairie Rose Chuckwagon Supper. The location is at the northeast edge of Wichita. Call 316-778-2121 for reservations and directions. Gates open at 5pm, Supper at 6:30pm, Show time is 7:30pm. Included in the price of admission are Train Rides, Wagon Rides, Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy Movies, The Silver Screen Cowboy Museum, plus free popcorn and lemonade. Then comes the delicious Chuckwagon Supper – all you can eat!! After that, the Prairie Rose Rangers will open the show and then I’ll sing a lot of your favorite cowboy songs. So come join us Friday night for some great food, lots of laughs and good ole western ballads and cowboy tunes."  -Les Gilliam.   “The Oklahoma Balladeer”
"Butch, I was surfing the Oklahoma History site and came across some interviews you made. I have a tape my grandmother, Mauva Henry, made about 40 years ago. It is about growing up in Gene Autry and Ardmore. If you recall my grandparents ran the skating rink above the old swimming pool dressing rooms across from Whittington Park and next to Hardy Murphy Coliseum. This was late 1940's and early 1950's. The customers called them "Mom and Pop" Floyd."  -Richard Henry, Allen, TX

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Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet  -1957

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges
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