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We have had a lot of comments and emails through the years about Devils Den north of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. So many people have good memories of spending the day there enjoying the cold water flowing through Pennington Creek and nature. With so much interest in this now gone tourist attraction, I even created a Folder several years ago just to place photos of Devils Den.

I've learned this week that Michael Taylor has finished is book on Devils Den and is having a book signing in Oklahoma City on October 15th. Here is Mike's email in his own words:

"Butch, As always, I thoroughly enjoy "This and That." Each week I look forward to Thursday for the next edition. I have written you before introducing myself as an Oklahoma Author introducing my new book, "Devil’s Hideaway.” It is an adventure story focused on the former private park, Devils Den in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. It was released on September 13 and is available on line through Barns and Noble, Amazon, Google Books and most other book distributors. I will be having a book signing at Full Circle Bookstore, 1900 Northwest Expressway #135 in Oklahoma City, on October 15th between 3pm and 5pm if anyone reading “This and That” would be interested in dropping by. I have attached the e-invitation for more details. Thank you for the interest you have shown and the support you have given." -Mike Taylor, Author

Below is a link to the PDF file (Acrobat Reader) announcing Michael's book, Devils Hideaway.

In January 2002 I created a Devils Den photo album on my Webshots website. There are about 14 photos there that will bring back memories to the old timers, and give a glimpse to the johnny-come-latelys to a place they have never seen before. The Devils Den photos are some of my most looked at photos of the over 17,000 I have on the internet.

I had a request this week to help find a former Ardmoreite who attended
Ardmore High around 1960. His name is Mike Hilburn. His parents came to Ardmore when the airbase opened at Gene Autry back in the 50s. If anyone knows Mike and how to get in touch with him, please let me know.

Also this week I received an email requesting any info on a U.S. Marshal Luther Smith involved in a shootout near Thackerville, Oklahoma back in 1892 in which Smith was killed. I am not familiar with this incident and hope maybe a Reader can shed more light?

"Butch, I was wondering if any of your readers might have information regarding the murder of U.S. Marshal Luther C. Smith. He and another man were killed in a shoot-out on a north-bound passenger train just north of Thackerville on November 5, 1892. It was widely supposed and reported at the time that the other man was Commodore Miller, an escaped convict from a Dallas County chain gang. This was disproved the next year when Miller was lynched in Kentucky for the rape and murder of two young girls. The man had papers on him showing his name to be Louis Kimball of Dallas but I have not been able to find any contemporaneous reports that definitely identify him. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks."  -E. R. Walt

Thanks to the Ardmore Industrial Airpark manager, Chris Bryant, there is now a flag pole at the Remembrance Memorial Park. Chris told me the flag pole was originally at the old hospital building at the airpark and since it was not being used, volunteered to move it to the memorial site. Thanks Chris.

Finally got whole week in of driving with the HHO generator running.  Very disappointing. Still 16 miles per gallon. That is 1 gallon more then last wek without the HHO, but still a disappointment.  Did not increase my gas mileage even 1 mile per gallon.  So I will need to get hold of Richie Waddell in TN and see if I am doing something wrong.  I do know its putting out HHO gas. The generator is drawing about 13 amps, which is what is suppose to do, or at least what I understand its suppose to do.  I will say my 6 cylinder motor is running smoother then its ever run, especially at a signal light or stop sign. Anyway, more next Thursday evening when another test is complete.

U.S. drought monitor

From This and That newsletter archives of October 3, 1998:
On Main Street in Ardmore, sitting on the southwest corner at B, is an old red brick building. Today it doesn't look like much. In fact, right now the workmen are remodeling the upstairs into a beauty saloon, so I've heard. But in 1898 this building was the Federal Courthouse and jail. Here's a photo I took of it last week.

A few years ago, a Memorial Brick was placed in the sidewalk outside.

On the second floor, in the far south end, is the old vault. It's so sad the condition it has deteriorated to over the years. If you were to stand in front of it.... looking at the right angle, you can faintly see the gold letters reading..... "CLERK'S OFFICE". Here's a pic of the vault door in it's horrible condition.

As you open the door, there is another steel door a few inches inside.

There is a long stairwell, going from the middle of the second floor, down and coming out at the front sidewalk. Here's a photo...

Can you imagine the history that has walked those stairs? When I walked up those stairs for the first time last week, I could almost feel the presence of history past. Like a step back into time!

Q.   The automated Twist Tie machine was first used where?
A:   The Twist Tie machine was invented in 1961 by Charles Earl Burford of Maysville, Oklahoma and first used at the Rainbow Bakery in Oklahoma City, now known as the Sara Lee Bakery

Q.   As part of a renewal plan, Oklahoma City planned to build what gigantic shopping mall in the 1960's?
A.    (answer in next week's newsletter)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"I'm trying to locate past students of the Brown Military Academy of the Ozarks. In the late 40's a Gene Coxey attended BMAO along with a Richard Green and Tom Dan Knight, all were from Ardmore, OK. Gene's uncle had a Cushman Scooter Dealership in OKC. Tom Knight's mother was a long time employee of AT&T and I only know Greens name. Tom Dan is now retired from the USAF and lives in San Antonio, TX. I once heard both Coxey and Green were in Texas. Both would be in their late 70's. Any information you can provide would be appreciated. I have been compiling an information and contact list for some time now and have yet to find all the students I have been looking for. I'm from OKC and spent six years at the Academy, graduating in 1951. I share my findings each year with those I have located, and of course are still living.

Floyd Spiva Jr. CDT MDT CD

1941 1942 Kansas
I am 8 or 9 years old.

"We had moved around to several little towns in Kansas. Daddy drove a "pulling unit". He had a crew of 3 or 4 men who went with him to replace broken rods in oil wells. Since the war had started on that infamous day of Dec. 7, l94l, oil was going to be a great necessity for the USA so Daddy's job was very important and he worked seven days a week all hours, and was gone from home a lot. (Overtime? Be thankful for the job.) When Daddy was home, I still remember us going to Peabody, Kansas on Saturdays. He would park in front of a hamburger joint. I am not sure but think it was called Wimpys. Anyway, hamburgers were a nickel and he would order one for everybody and bring them out to the car in a brown paper sack. That was the most heavenly smell I have ever smelled! If you have never had a hamburger in a brown paper sack, you got a treat coming. Peabody had a picture show, but Dad couldn't afford to take us every Saturday. After the hamburgers we would just sit on the street and watch the people walking up and down the sidewalks. Observing what they were wearing and the shoes they were wearing. What a good time we had for free! Awe for the good old Days!" -Ken@Wilson

Kansas State song is "Home on the Range".
"Well Cousin, We tried the roast beef sandwich with “rat cheese’ at Key's Uptown Grocery and it was as you advertised! Sharon bought 2 lbs of fresh okra. She said it was the best she had seen. We also brought back to Texas a pound of Bryan’s bologna! Tastes like bologna is supposed to. Haven’t had any good bologna in years."  -Jim Bridges, Texas
Ron Wagoner, long time Railroad memorabilia collector, will be having a garage sale featuring lots of Railroad items. Items will include timetables, books, photos, some china, tons of misc papers.

Dates and times:
Friday October 7th from 8am to 5pm
Saturday Oct 8th from 8am to noon

Parkway Mini Storage, 1841 Sam Noble Parkway, Ardmore Oklahoma
(on Hwy 199 just east of where the railroad tracks crosses over 199)

34°11'16.23"N 97° 6'0.20"W
on Google Earth

questions? Ron at 580 319 2389

"Good Morning Butch, I lived about as close as anybody to the Walnut Creek/Memorial Road bridge. Our house was at the corner of Midway Rd/Memorial Rd on the Jones Oil Company lease. As a kid in the 50s I played in what we knew as the Bayou almost daily. I even caught a fish from the bridge and the Wilson school bus crossed the bridge from east to west on its way to Dillard.

For as long as I remember the creek threatened to cut the road just a few hundred feet west of the bridge. People used to stop and dump trash down the creek bank.

Also less than 1/4 mile east from the bridge was an oil pumping station (Interstate I believe), a half dozen large oil tanks and 4 or 5 company houses. The remains can be seen in the Google photos. Originally the bridge had large steel girders that were 8 or 10 feet high on the edges of the bridge. Those girders were cut down so the company houses could be moved across it when the pumping station closed circa 1952. How the bridge was able to support the weight of the houses without the girders is a mystery to me. One of the houses was moved next door to the School superintendent's home immediately west of the old Wilson gym.

Of course, the creek eventually won. It cut the road and washed out the bridge and made that whole section or the road untenable. Obviously, it was never rebuilt.

As an aside, before Midway Road was called Midway road, the intersection of the road and Hwy 70 was called "Midway". Before my time I believe there used to be a store or service station there. Maybe one of your readers will know what the name "Midway" is all about. Cheers." -Barry Flanary

100 Years Ago The Davis News 10/02/11:

The derrick was completed on the oil well north of Davis.
Chairman D.F. Ellis of the county commissioners and county surveyor J.W. King were going out to locate a county
road to the south end of the mining district, south of East Timbered Hill.
An informal supper and smoker was planned by the governors of the Mining Exchange in Davis. The gentlemen
were invited to "partake of viands and Havana cigars" and see some of the rich mineral deposits in the Arbuckle-Davis field.
A building and loan association was to be organized under the supervision of the State Building and Loans department.
The Oct. 5 issues closed Volume XVII; in other words The News was 17 years old. Editor Fay Crossett had published it for 13 years.
The post office established Robnett, named for Judge T.N. Robnett, at the Robnett camp in the Arbuckle zinc field west of Davis. It would be located in G.W. Frary's store.

"Hey Butch, Read your Facebook post about the drive ins and became curious about the 3rd one south of town. I was born in the late mid-50s and raised south of town (Hwy 199 [now US70] bisected the homestead and the interstate shaved off the west edge. I'm sure that drive-in was before my time but I do remember Lahoma courts, the driving range, Hilltop/Evelyn's diner and truck stop on the way to town. I wonder if Mr. Davis could shed a little more light on where it was, say in relation to another landmark or crossroad or such." -Garth Hoard
"Butch: I've found that Lysol bathroom spray disinfectant works real well as a skunk deodorizer on dogs. Don't know about cats." -Don Davidson, Brenham, Texas
"Butch, the Arbuckle Historical Society has a CD for sale that contains pictures of people and places in the 50's in Sulphur. We were given the negatives from the Denman Studio that was in business in Sulphur for many years. We are working on our 2nd CD now. We have a few of the first ones left that we are selling at the museum. If anyone is interested they are $12.00 at the museum in Sulphur or $15.00 if they need to be mailed.
The museum is open on Fri. and Sat. in the old City Hall building on West Muskogee across from the First Christian Church."

Q. "Butch, I found these two copies of pictures and I was wondering if you know if they are old pictures of Ardmore. Were these photos taken before or after the Great Fire of downtown Ardmore?" -Betty Dighton

A. The Great Fire took place in 1895 as I you can see in the photos, these were probably taken after the great fire.

Additional Note: In 1907 The Ardmore Electric Railway Company (trolley cars) begins operations on Main Street. Tracks eventually ran west on Main from the train station to C Street, north on C to 8th, west on 8th to Wolverton, and north on Wolverton to Dornick Hills and the car barn. Service ended in 1922.

"On the subject of the Tower Drive In, I like how on Bing Maps we can see the ghost of it." -Tony
How to use a single mouse and keyboard across multiple computers

Mouse Without Borders

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after. -Henry David Thoreau

See everyone next week!

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