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Last week I mentioned a Reader giving me about a 1,000 photos taken in and around Ardmore around 20 and 30 years ago. Here are a few photos I scanned the past few days.  One reader suggested we reserve the back meeting room of Bill's Catfish in Lone Grove on a Saturday afternoon (a slow time for the restaurant), and everyone can browse and pick what they want to take home (and I can eat catfish!).  Just a thought, I am still contemplating the alternatives. Any suggestions are welcome.

I don't know the date or location of this photo of a locomotive.

A couple miles south of Lone Grove, Oklahoma is what some believe may be an Indian grave. I was told the Chickasaw Nation was looking in to it.

A T&T Reader in Tulsa sent in a couple photos of Clemscott, Oklahoma taken during its heydays back during the oil boom, around 1917.

There have been mentions in past issues of T&T of Bill and Barb's Family Restaurant that used to be located at 13th and North Washington here in Ardmore.  Here is a photo of the owner, Bill Short.

Last week there was a request for info on Orr, Oklahoma.  Well, come to find out the Genealogy Library at the Greater Southwest History Museum on Sunset Blvd has a book put together by Mary Wilson several years ago just about Orr community. The library also has books by Mary Wilson of Lone Grove on the communities of Rexroat and Wheeler.

The Genealogy Library is only open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 12 to 4pm. Here is a scan of a card with the information on it.

Back in 1933 gangster Machine Gun Kelly kidnapped millionaire Charles Urschel at his Oklahoma City mansion. After his arrest the trial was held in the old Federal Courthouse in Oklahoma City. The following two photos were taken in 2010 by Cecil Elliott of Edmond.

Another photo by Cecil Elliott of a famous Route 66 eatery, Ann's Chicken Fry House north Oklahoma City

From This and That newsletter archives of February 20, 1999:
"I received a letter that I am forwarding to the Genealogical society. It is from a woman named Marjorie Gray. Her mother was born in Ardmore in 1906. Her father was raised in Brock. She is looking for a 1912 to 1915 newspaper article about a shooting in Brock. Her grandfather, John W. Hughes was a witness. The shooting involved a Dr. Merritt and her grandfather appeared in court as a witness to the shooting. Her father is 91 and never changes his story. She is looking for any information that she can find. Her name is Marjorie Hughes Gray and she lives at 9641 Rufus Ave. , Whittier, CA 90604."
"These bank notes were not printed by the local bank, but by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, as all money has been for many years. It was issued by the Bank of Chandler. The idea of local banks issuing money now seems strange to us, but it was common in an earlier day. In fact, it was what many banks were really organized to do. If you go to any coin show, and many antique shows and flea markets, you'll find vendors who have some of these old notes for sale. They were issued by banks all over the country, including many in Oklahoma. Catalogs of such notes have been published."
We have a new publication in Oklahoma called County Works. It's dedicated to county government in Oklahoma. The first issue, January 1999, featured Carter County District 2 and the bridge building progress made by Commissioner Kevin Robinson since 1991.
In 1898 the St Agnes Catholic School opened up on the west side of E Street SW (next to the church) here in Ardmore. It was a boarding school for many years. Sometime during that period it was moved across the street to 118 "E" SW. Weekend before last, it was opened as St Agnes Inn, a bed and breakfast by its new owners Jim & Maxine Huggins.
"This is an old pic of the Colcord building in Oklahoma City. Boy, do I remember that building, I had just turned eighteen and Uncle Sam gave me my first, free bus ride to see it." -Butch Bridges
About six miles south of Wilson, Oklahoma on Highway 76.... in southwestern Carter county is the community of Post Oak. It no longer exists on the maps. There used to be a school there years ago. The Post Oak school house bell has been mounted there, at the Carter county, Love county line.
Last Saturday I kept getting one request after another from people to ADD them to my T&T mailing list.... I thought what is going on? In over two years I've never had so many requests in one day. One person gave me a hint in his email..... it was some kind of message posted on a genealogy Listserver. So I wrote him back and found out another friend here in Oklahoma had posted a message about the history stuff I have on my Home Page, and the ball started rolling after that. Here's one message that was posted on that Listserver: "Hey you all check out #4 in this digest and then someone tell me who this Bridges' guy is. I think it is a neat site! and of Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA!!! Love to you all, Bubba."  -Butch Bridges

Q. The first Girl Scouts cookies where sold when and where?
A. The first cookie sales by an individual Scout unit was by the Mistletoe Troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma in December 1917.

Q. Where was the first Protestant mission school built in Indian Territory?
A. (answer in next week's T&T)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

"Butch, In regards to suppressors we keep about a dozen different ones in stock all the time. They range from 150.00 and up depending on what caliber you need one for. We also have several different rifles and pistols that are threaded and will accommodate them. We also carry a full line of sub-sonic ammo as well. There are many uses for them. When using a suppressor there is no need to wear hearing protection which makes it easier to talk to or instruct someone while shooting. Also around the house, when I have had to shoot raccoons and opossums when they were getting my boys chickens, it didn't disturb the chickens or my neighbors. If you or any of your readers have any questions don't hesitate to call Jerry's Gun Shop at 580-223-8502. Our hours are 8:30 to 5:30 Monday through Friday 8:30 to 5:00 on Saturday. Proudly serving southern Oklahoma for 39 years." -Steven Harris

"Butch, Last week one of your readers, Chris Sanders, brought up the subject of "Cannon School" in Love county and gave some directions to the location. I also grew up in Love County at Orr and to the best of my memory his directions were right on target. The only thing I would add is that the name back in the early 1930's was " CANNON CHAPEL ".  -Edgar Wallace
"About Millerís Dairy Freeze:
Linda Presley Lathum was correct in her memory of why the Millerís Dairy Queen name was changed to Millerís Dairy Freeze after a franchise lawsuit was brought by my uncle, Cy Barnes of Frederick, OK, who held several franchises in southern Oklahoma and north Texas. My father, Gene Barnes, opened Barnes Dairy Queen on Lake Murray Drive in 1961 after moving our family from Denver, Colorado my senior year. Midge Henderson worked for us and it was awesome to see her for the first time in 50 years at the 1961 Ardmore High School 50th Reunion last year. We were in Ardmore for less than a year when my father bought a Dairy Queen in Madill and later in Kingston. In addition to the ice cream, hot dogs and hamburgers, we were known for serving the original ďSuper DogĒ that Joe Ben Ponder served at Ponderís Drive In. We bought the flour mixture from Joe Ben and made them all by hand. You may not know but the old drive-in building on Lake Murray is still there and still sells the original super dog recipe. Itís been 50 years but I found it a couple of years ago and bought a dozen super dogs to take back to Dallas with me to share with family! They were still every bit as good as I remembered!" -Janice Barnes Favors
Flower Mound, Texas

Q. "Butch, over these past thirty years, I have visited the Tiny Chapel once or twice a year. Yesterday, I drove out there with a friend and found it closed. I was so disappointed as it has meant so much to my spiritual journey. Can you tell me what happened and who owns the property? Is it for sale? I pray we can find a way to keep the chapel open, even if it can be purchased and moved. All I know is the door and windows were borded up and the gate was locked. Perhaps there are plans to restore and reopen. If you hear anything, please keep me advised....that little chapel belongs to all of us who love it. Many thanks.  -Dianna Walls

A. I did not know it was closed. I guess the new owners did not want to keep it open, etc. Jimmie Dale Martin in TX probably does not know its been closed either. I will let him know.

Here is what I found on it on my website:

Aug 1998. "In eastern Carter county is another small community Durwood, Oklahoma. A little over 2 miles south of Highway 199 (just follow the signs) is Tiny Chapel. It's actually located just a few hundred feet over into Marshall county. Tiny Chapel was built in 1974 by W.B. Trible. I talked with Mr. Trible the other day and he said 5 or 6 years ago, Tiny Chapel had seen over 44,000 visitors. There have been many marriages take place in Tiny Chapel. Organizations have held meetings there, as have tours for convalescent homes residents, kindergarten and school outings. He said there have been notable people visit Tiny Chapel. He said two years ago county western singer Randy Travis made a stop there."

Nov 2008. "Butch, The land on which the Tiny Chapel at Dickson sets has been sold. The new owner is maintaining the property. I would like to ask you and others interested in preserving this worship place in the solitude to join me in arranging for the permanency of the Chapel. Perhaps we could meet with the new owner and maybe do a fund raiser to purchase the lot and building. Perhaps we could persuade the Churches in Dickson and Mannsville or Falls Creek to cooperate with youth groups projects doing up keep and maintenance. I just hate to think of dropping by someday when I am passing thru to find it gone." -Jimmie Dale Martin

"Butch, guess what i found out? Hubby called us cellular to see if there is a program to track data usage on the phone. Its called 3G Watchdog, they have the free one we are using and one you pay for as well. We have ours set to warn us at 75% and it goes off when it reaches 99%, then restarts when the data starts over every month. I thought you would like to know about this as well as your readers."
Over the last few weeks you have talked about drive in theaters in and around Ardmore. I would like to tell you a tale of my first movie in the night air. But it wasn't at a drive in theater.

1941 Susank, Kansas

We are now living on a company lease about half way between Russell and Hoisington, Kansas. I can remember the oil company lease named
Ramsey? It was only a few miles from a little town called Susank. This town was so small, it didn't even have an indoor movie theatre.

July, 1941 '42

I saw my first outdoor movie at Susank, Kansas. I don't know how word got around that some guy was bringing a FREE movie to Susank next Saturday. Of course everyone for miles around , farmers, oil field trash, and all came to Susank to see the movie. He hung a big canvas on the side of a building and backed his panel wagon up to open the back doors. His camera was inside the truck. Somebody sold popcorn, maybe someone with him I don't know. But it sure was exciting. A real cowboy western. Gene Autry or Roy Rogers. I cant remember. I think he even had a cartoon. It was "standing room only" in that vacant lot. He took up donations during the movie and I guess he did all right. The only thing I can remember was a Mobil commercial with the flying red horse. It was certainly entertaining to an 8 year old kid." -Ken @ Wilson

P.S. A Mr. E.C. Smith who used to run a liquor store on Hwy 70 in Lone Grove, said at one time years ago there was a drive in theater in Lone Grove. Where the 1st. National Bank is now located. I think he told me that Jimbo Yell now owns the property." -Ken

"Re: The article about Brown Springs cemetery in the "This and That Newsletter Volume 16 Issue 786 February 16, 2012." Although born at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and reared in Oklahoma, I also lived in Gainesville for several years that including 8 years as an adult, but this is the first time I have heard about the Brown Springs Cemetery. The write-up was very interesting. The article reminded me of a small abandoned cemetery my friend J.B. Cole of Gainesville and I discovered in the late 1950's that is located immediately on the right side after crossing the River River bridge that connects Texas and Oklahoma on IH35 that leads from Gainesville to Thackerville. J.B. Cole had been informed that a small Indian village at one time had been located in that area and one could find arrow heads. Being interested in Indian artifacts we two men drove to the cemetery. The abandoned cemetery is located in a thicket of trees and bushes on the right side of IH35 a short distance from the Red River. Some of the names on the tombstones are dated in the 1880's and 1890's. Though we diligently looked we found no arrowheads. My friend and I never was able to discover any history about the cemetery."  -Elmer G. West, San Antonio, Texas.
"Update: T&T. I get mine forwarded from a brother (Revise Wilson) in Ardmore, Ok. I left Guthrie in summer of 48. Am now 80 plus. He, & a brother now deceased, used to tell me of underground passages in Guthrie they had discovered a/o explored. I worked during WWII on milk delivery & after the war on an ice route for Jess Daves. We both communicate with Dora Bell Canning now Mrs. Dora Bunch at 1-206-878-3090 who lives in Normandy Park, WA. She, Dora Bell, was about 3-5 years older than I am. I call her from time to time. Now to reply from my prior to 1948. With the summary of my background I have no knowledge of underground tunnels other than mentioned in this email.. Mineral Wells Park had a circle drive that is now about 3-7 blocks from heart of G. Family get togethers were held in the Mineral Wells Park & with assistance from my sisters we used to catch goldfish in the pond there. What was the name af grandfathers house if you recall. My heritage is the Wilson & Cannings. I attended Irvin or Irving school & Fair Valley schools. Believe both have been demolished but I still remember teachers." -Russ Wilson

"Butch: In the Chickasaw Lumber team picture that is for sure Hubert Heron; Hubert's father, the team Manager, stands next to Vernon Straughn, and my brother, Bob Meason is to Vernon's left. That picture dates to the summer of 1946. I sure wish someone could identify the rest of the players, and little boy." -Tom Meason, Tulsa, OK

"Butch, I know you are always looking for a great burger. Have you tried "the Cellar Burger" at The Cellar at Main Street Wine Depot. This restaurant is located in the historic old Greenberg Jewelry Store building at 117 East Main? The burger features premium black Angus beef and you can add a selection of cheeses, grilled onions, mushrooms, or avocados. Every sandwich comes with homemade Parmesan potato chips....cooked fresh every day. The Cellar is the best kept secret in Ardmore. Give us a try." -Jadean Fackrell, owner
"Well Butch. My mother was born 1908 in Thackerville. She was a Pruitt and I understand there were a lot of Pruitt's around, some who couldn't seem to stay out of jail. So I wonder if anyone knows what Thackerville looked like then and now." -donkelly
"Butch, I am trying to find a girl that went to school in Ardmore her name is Kathy Nelson class of 1973. A friend of hers, Nancy Pollack, would like to get in touch with her. We enjoy your letters. Hope someone can tell us about Kathy Nelson, where she is or maybe a phone number. They lived in Ardmore, her father was crew member for American Flyers. We all moved to PA together. Thanks."  -Fay Johnston
"Hey Butch, I was surfin the net, got to readin' your hamburger reviews, and thought to myself that next time your in or around Stratford you ought to come by our place. We are relatively new, open since last June(2011), however my wife, Kim, has had previous endeavors in the restaurant business. We originally opened as a pizzeria, but soon learned that given the small size of our community, that we would have to expand our menu. So now we are Cowkickers pizzeria and restaurant, and I am told that our old fashioned burgers and home made onion rings are excellent. By the way, several of our customers have compared our pizza, which is made with 'made fresh daily' dough, to Joes Pizza in Purcell. I invite you to come on over, bring your family and enjoy our food and countryfied laid back atmosphere."  -Rick and Kim DULWORTH COWKICKERS Pizzeria and Restaurant

Dulworth Cowkickers at 141 west Main Street in Stratford, Oklahoma
Phone 580-759-1010

"Butch, my cousin, Jeanne Miller Welch passed away Saturday. I didn't really get to know her until about 15 years ago and I really missed out a lot by not knowing her. She was a very special person. Always cheerful. Loved her family and her dogs. She wrote 2 books about her family. The books are just little snippets of what her life was like. The first one is titled "On to Oklahoma" and the second one is "On to Oklahoma 2". The Brown Paper Bag in Ardmore sold them at the time they were published, but don't know if they still have any copies. Reading it is guaranteed to make you smile. I'm sure going to miss that lady."  -Nelda True
The Davis News - 100 Years Ago: The Meridian road, a proposed highway route from Galveston, Texas, to Winnipeg, Canada, was printed in The News. In Oklahoma, the road was known as the Interstate Postal Highway and went through Durant, Sulphur, Pauls Valley, Purcell, Norman, Oklahoma City, Guthrie and Perry. It was estimated it would cost $6 million.

A high wind blew off the awnings at the Davis Confectionery and Dotson & Weaver meat market. Work on the sidewalks in Improvement District No. 1 had begun.

After a week or two of warm weather, a cold wave struck accompanied by snow. Several inches of snow fell and a high wind banked it a foot deep or more in places. Editor Fay Crossett said it would prove of incalculable benefit to the coming crops.

"I went back to the Wichita Mountain NWR yesterday to roam around more and found 3 chestnut-collared longspurs, more canyon and rock wrens. I spent the afternoon kayaking on French lake because that is where the most waterfowl are and the most variety. I ended up spending 2 hours with 3 otters that swam by me and then played hide and seek with me in a brush pile from about 20 feet away. They went fishing for a while and then sunned and groomed on a dead tree in the lake while I took pictures. Four bull elk came out at sunset and I got picture of a couple of them testing their antlers out. I thought I would go ahead and post a few of the pictures from the day instead of waiting and going through them all for a change. I'm way behind on posting, I still have a few days of rough-legged hawks and owls from the border of Kansas and lots of other days I have been out. It's a lot more fun being out than sitting home editing pictures."  -Larry Hancock, Ardmore, OK

Pictures are here,

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.  -Franklin D. Roosevelt

See everyone next week!

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