Not Receiving Your T&T Newsletters ?

updated: 07/25/12


Hardly a week goes by that someone will email me to say they are not receiving my newsletters and to please add them back to my Mailer Program.  Almost without fail, I find their email address is still in my Mailer Program and the newsletter still goes to them each week.

Most of the time what we find is their Spam Catcher is grabbing my T&T before it reaches their Inbox. So where is this Spam Catcher that I'm talking about?  It varies from program to program and Server to Server.

Let's look at a few.  If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express, it could be going to a Spam or Trash Folder within that program.  And you may have to tell the program it is NOT SPAM or maybe adding my email address to your Contact List as a friendly email.  I would suggest you adding it just to be on the safe side.....

Also add my email address to your Address Book.  This is important.

Another place to look, and most likely where the problem is, is look in the Spam Box on your internet provider's Server.


For example:

Say you are using .  You must login with your ID and Password to through your internet browser. The internet provider has software in place to try and catch spam before it reaches your Inbox. So there too you will find a Spam Box. Hopefully inside that Spam Box you will find the missing T&T newsletters, and can mark them as not spam.

To see a video tutorial on how to check your Spam Box on the Cableone Mail Server just click here......  Cableone Video


Another example:

People using SBC Global as their internet provider will need to login on to their SBC Global email account and click to go to your "Options"

In the "Management" section, click on "Filters"

Click the "Add" button. That will take you to the "Add Message Filter" page as shown below.

On the "Add Filter" page, enter "oklahomahistory" (without the quotes) in the box where it says "Filter Name"

In the box next to where it says "From header: contains" enter "oklahomahistory" (without the quotes)

DO NOT check the "match case" box. Leave it unchecked.

In the next section, under the word "Then", where it says "Move message to:" select "Inbox"

Then click the "Add Filter" button

Then click "Mail" to take you back to your Mail page, and then log out.

NOTE: Even though you probably check your e-mail using an e-mail program, and not online, the filters that you set up online using the SBC Global website will apply to ALL the mail you receive at your "" address.

Please note that old messages that have already been deleted will not re-appear after you do this, but new messages sent the next day and thereafter will be directed to your Inbox instead of being treated as spam.


If you have questions or problems, just send me an email.


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