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The Okie Power Saver can help reduce your monthly electric bill just like it has for me.

04/07/15 I had a Power Saver installed at my home. This is a link to my Power Saver unit and the amps used before and after installation. I saw a 4.74 drop in amps used by my air conditioner. This equals a 43.5% reduction in amps using the Power Saver.  CLICK HERE

This is a picture of my Power Saver unit connected to my 200 AMP electric service box on the side of my home. CLICK HERE

Several have asked how the Power Saver is connected inside the OG&E electric Service Box on the side of my house. This is a picture showing the 2 red wires and how they are "piggy-backed" in with the 2 black wires to my air conditioner at the A/C breaker. There is also a green wire going to the grounding bar in the Service Box. CLICK HERE

My monthly savings compared to last year with the Power Saver unit:

799 KWh used in April 2014
685 KWh used in April 2015
Equals a 14.3% savings in KWh used.

922 KWh used in May 2014
778 KWh used in May 2015
Equals a 15.7% savings in KWh used.

1275 KWh used in June 2014
1206 KWh used in June 2015
Equals a 5.5% savings in KWh used.

That's a total of 35.5% for April, May and June since I installed my power saver.

After retiring on June 30, 2015 I noticed my electric bill for the month of July was higher. Then it dawned on me, during the month of July I was running my big 60 gallon 220v air compressor almost daily, for several hours a day. That is something I never did before July 1st. So I had a  Okie Power Saver installed on the air compressor itself. But the power saver only comes on when the compressor is running since I installed it on the motor side in the contacts box. Before the power saver my compressor was drawing 13.8 amps and after I got the power saver installed, the amps being drawn dropped down to 11.16 amps. That's a 2.6 difference which equals over a 19% drop. That's a big savings!  For a proof positive photo, CLICK HERE.

Did I mention the Okie Power Saver serves as a surge protector? Yep, that too. Not only does it recycle energy to save you money, but also doubles as a surge protector to shield your motors & appliances against power surges and brownouts. The Power Saver is installed either at your electrical panel or directly to a large motor such as an air conditioner.  Because itís very design causes the electricity to be recycled back into your system, you require less energy from your electric company.

Smart Meters..... now the rest of the story.

When it comes to protecting the big ticket motors/appliances in your home or business, do you rely on those inexpensive power strips? Or, do you go for something that specifically was designed to protect your Central A/C, heat pump, pool pump, refrigerator, etc. Just 1 power surge is all it takes to lose thousands of dollars, so the protection is worth the investment.

When itís thousands of dollars on the line, our Power Saver can protect your expensive equipment AND make it run more efficiently.

General Electric wrote a report on products like the Okie Power Saver and the benefit of installing the unit.

GE said, "Most AC power systems require both kW (kilowatts) and kVAR (kilovars). Capacitors installed near the loads in a plant are the most economical and efficient way of supplying these kilovars."

"Benefit 4 - Reduce Line Losses
By supplying kilovars at the point they are needed, capacitors relieve the system
of transmitting reactive current. Since the electrical current in the lines is reduced,
I2R losses decrease.

Therefore, fewer kilowatt-hours need to be purchased from the utility."

08/08/15 This is the first time ever OG&E has said I am better than efficient and continues to report me as efficient since August. CLICK HERE

The Power Saver units are American made in the USA. No foreign components are used in the manufacture of these quality units. The power saver works with any electric company you have for service.

Our Power Units are UL Certified.

Life Expectancy of the Okie Power Saver- 25 years

Protects your property against power surges and brownouts! (up to 2000 joules)

The Okie Power Saver comes with a 1 year money back guarantee.

$135 includes shipping to your door by Priority Mail.

I have made a simple checklist of things you need to know before actually ordering or having a Okie Power Saver installed.  CLICK HERE

12/12/15 An Okie Power Saver was installed this week at a friend's house resulting in some of the best before and after results. Before installing the power saver his total electric home was drawing 43 amps with the central heat was running. After his power saver box was installed next to the central heat and air disconnect box at the far end of his house, the amps being drawn dropped down to 24. Very impressive.

Click here to View Power Saver

I do not install the Okie Power Saver. You will need to have a licensed electrician of your choosing install the unit. I also have a cousin who is a licensed electrician and can install the unit for a fee.

For more info contact:

Butch Bridges
OKie Power Saver
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Ardmore, OK 73402


Email me at:  butchbridges@oklahomahistory.net


06/07/16 "Hi Butch. Looking at my low energy uses per week since Feb. 2016. I remember the much higher weekly readings before I had my Okie Power Saver installed. I am so very happy with these readings. I am ready for summer." -Shafter

02/28/16 "Butch, I am glad you asked, I am amazed at the lower weekly OG&E reports on the amount of electric used. Like around the $40 to $50 bills per week. About this time 2 years ago, I had a monthly bill for $365. Then I purchased an oil reservoir heater to warm my back bedroom and bathroom. Since then I have made a few adjustments. Mainly lowering & watching the thermostat. One thing to keep in mind this is an unusual warm winter so far. I am so very pleased."


11/10/15 "The other morning we had a power surge during a storm on one leg of the 220v power line. One side of the house went dark but the 50" TV, the kitchen lights plus the coffee maker just continued to work perfect. About 5 to 10 seconds the dead side of the house flickered on and off then returned to normal. No problems at all due to the Power Saver unit we installed. Without the Power Saver the damage would have been a lot more than the cost of the Power Saver. Thanks again for the unit. Don't know what I would have done with no coffee during the storm at 5 am." -Okeefenokie Okie in Georgia


"I have a 8 kilowatts photovoltaic system on my roof and I added the Power Saver and I saved $60.00 extra with the Power Saver. July 2013 vs. July 2014."  -Ed in Texas


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