"All health begins in the gut." -Hippocrates

Probiotics and Your Health
By Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma

You're overweight and you've tried various programs and products to lose that weight. There are 4 things you must eliminate or greatly reduce to lose weight & improve your health (listed in order of importance).

1. Azodicarbonamide (Azo for short)
A food additive used as a flour bleaching agent and a dough conditioner.

2. Diet Soda

3. Sugar

4. Alcohol

Work on the above 4 things and you will reduce gut yeast and lose weight. There are a lot of Probiotics on the market to help eliminate gut yeast. Just make sure the one you choose has a minimum of 30 billion CFUs and 10 Probiotics strains. Below is nearly an hour video on how using a Probiotics, not just the producer of the video's product, can tremendously improve your health.


I can not believe the difference Probiotics has made in my overall health since I started on September 21st. The first brand I purchased was Nature's Way at Walmart containing 30,000 Billion active cultures (.50 per capsule). I next changed to Ultimate Flora from Amazon at 50,000 Billion (.75 per capsule).

Probiotic America has 5 more strains that Ultimate Flora does not have in it. For comparison between Ultimate Flora and Probiotic America labels CLICK HERE

Thursday 10/08/15 I received my probiotics mentioned in the video above by ProbioticAmerica.com. When buying a 3 Month Pack the cost is $1.13 per capsule (30 caps per bottle). I'm looking for even better results with ProbioticAmerica.

10/23/15 Just re-ordered 90 day supply from Probiotic America for $72 (80 cents per capsule & free shipping)

Probiotics Label front and Probiotics Label back

There are a lot of probiotics being marketed out there, so shop around and find the Probiotics that fits you and your pocket book.

Subway removes Azodicarbonamide (azo) from its breads.  CLICK HERE

Azo found in nearly 500 foods. CLICK HERE

My Ezekiel Sprouted Bread (no Azo) at Homeland in the Freezer Section isle CLICK HERE

10/19/15 I have not taken the TruVision for 30 days and not gained a single pound, In fact, I have lost 2 or 3. The only thing I'm taking is the probiotics, twice a day. One capsule in the morning and one capsule at suppertime.  I've really been losing my belly fat too.

10/19/15 171/82 BP, 73 pulse, and 177.6 pounds

10/27/15 150/94 BP, 71 pulse, and 176.6 pounds

02/04/16 138/87 BP, 79 pulse, and 177.8 pounds

11/24/16 150/89 BP, 81 pulse, and 178 pounds. Still on daily probiotics regime.

01/21/17 143/93 BP, 77 pulse, and 175.4 pounds. Eating homemade yogurt for probiotics past 60 days

I want to give you just a few useful tips to make sure you get the maximum benefit from the probiotics.

While it's fine to take probiotics at any time of day...they're most effective when taken with a meal.

Why? Because if you take it on an empty stomach, your stomach acids & biles will start to degrade the potency of the bacterial strains...and ideally, you want these strains to make it to your intestines intact.

Once you've got your routine down, during your first few weeks you're going to notice numerous improvements in your health...some you weren't even expecting.

And as time goes on, you'll start to feel the even deeper benefits as the beneficial bacteria fully populate your digestive system.

Week 1-2:

Improved Digestion / Less Gas & Bloating

Increased Energy

Week 2-3:

Mood Improvement

Reduced Anxiety

Week 3-4:

Improved Skin

Boosted Immune System

Week 4-8:

Weight Loss

So many people struggle with weight loss...and for years, I was one of them.

And this is actually one of the biggest reasons I got so excited about probiotics. Because restoration of the gut microbes has been shown to significantly improve the conditions associated with obesity and help maintain a healthy weight.

Of course, I can't just stop now. I need to give credit to TruVision weight loss for starting me on the path to losing weight and better health.  To read about my TruVision program CLICK HERE


What others say:
"Butch, I have been taking KEYBIOTICS, made by Whole Body Research, for quite a while. It contains 37.5 billion CFU's per capsule with 14 Unique Strains. Dosage is one capsule per day before a meal. They say it promotes Digestive System Health and Healthy Flora Balance. It seems to work well for me." -Bruce Bennett