Help Searching Back Issues of T&T Newsletters

My newsletters go back to March 1997 and as you might guess, there are thousands and thousands of pages if printed out. I have picosearch set up on the webpage to assist in finding certain people, places and things I've talked about over the years. But Picosearch is not very easy to understand once it's search results are displayed.

I have found a freeware program for the more serious searcher. Its called Harddisksearchandstats. It is a program that you must download (no install required) on your computer, its a very small program, and it will allow you to search your hard drive or a certain Folder on your hard drive for a word or phrase or group of words. I suggest just creating a Folder on your hard drive called Search, and download the file to there. The file must be unzipped into that folder.

Search example:  you know your looking for a back issue of T&T where it mentions a cave near Davis, Oklahoma where a ghost reportedly lived. So we have three key words to enter in the Search Criteria:  Davis, Cave, and Ghost.  When you enter these words, one per each line, and click Search, you will find only 14 times where all three words are found in back issues.  This narrows the "open and look" approach dramatically from the 1,000s of places during the past 11 years.  When starting from the top, and opening each instance one by one, a person find after only opening the second file, it is the July 17, 2004 Issue of T&T where a 1911 newspaper clipping tells about this cave.

Or another example is your looking where the game mumbly peg was mentioned in a T&T. Since 1997 the search results shows that mumbly peg is only mentioned in one place, my March 2005 newsletter.

What I have done on my computer is create a Folder called "Newsletters" and I have placed in that Folder all my T&T newsletter files from my website. It is really easy to do this, just go to my website where all the back issues are listed, right-click on one and SAVE it to you computer in a Folder.

So, in summary..... Harddiskearchandstats is for the serious searcher, it searches text files on your hard drive. You must download it on your computer. You must copy my T&T newsletter files to your hard drive too. To copy my T&T files to your computer just go to the Page below and right-click on any of the files (starting in 1997) and download to your computer.
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