Sites Around South Central Oklahoma

On Sunday afternoon September 1, 2002 I had an experience I never thought possible in this county. I went out near Springer to Magnetic Hill and watched my truck roll uphill at 10 miles an hour!

Southeast of Durant, Oklahoma near Hendrix, Oklahoma is an old one lane bridge. I believe it was built before statehood (1907). The old iron bridge allows crossing between Oklahoma and Texas. The area is called Carpenters Bluff. Carpenters Bluff is 5 miles east of Denison, Texas on FM120. This is the bridge looking south toward Texas . And this is looking north from the Texas side toward Oklahoma.

My friends Leroy and Jimmie McDaniel of Mannsville, Oklahoma furnished the following four photos of Devil's Den. Devil's Den was a picnic and swimming area located about 3 miles north of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. The recreation area was closed down around 1980. Photo number one, photo number two photo number three, and photo number four . These photos were taken around 1950.

Dino the Dinosaur has been around 10 Million years. Lately he's been living at the Sinclair Station at West Broadway and South Rockford Road. Dino just hangs out around the curb there. The Department of Transporation and the City of Ardmore told him in 1993 he had to move back into his own yard. Not being the average dinosaur (millions of years of knowledge packed in that pea brain of his), he decided to go to court and fight back. A district judge ruled Dino did not have to move back from the curb. Needless to say, Dino is happy now.

How about a long time Carter county secret? You don't have to go to Sulphur, Oklahoma to find sulphur water. Just go west of I-35 and Highway 53W for about 6 miles to Woodford, then turn north for about mile and you find a sulphur artesian well beside the road. Here is a closeup of the rotten egg smelling water bubbling up out of the ground. On July 16, 1997 we had the water tested by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and tested positive for one or more coliform organisms. So, I sure wouldn't drink that water for love nor money.

Old Relay Station located 8 miles south of Sulphur, Oklahoma on Highway 177. This old building was where they kept a fresh horse ready for the pony express rider, on his mail delivery route.

Here's an old hand-driven water pump located behind a residence in Chickasha, Oklahoma.

The Vendome Well located in Sulphur, Oklahoma near the north entrance to the Chickasaw National Recreation Park. This water shoots up out of the ground and Indians many, many years ago said it has medicinal qualities. I know of people driving 100 miles each weekend, filling up plastic trash barrels, and taking the water home with them. Once you get used to that sulphur (rotten egg) taste and smell, it ain't that bad. Care for a drink?
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Here's a side view of the old Norton Bridge north of Mannsville, Oklahoma over Washita River. And here is a closer view looking northward through the bridge. Notice the sign that reads "Weight Limit 3 Tons." Here is a map on how to find Norton Bridge map .

Turner Falls is so beautiful tucked away in the Arbuckle Mountains, just 18 miles north of Ardmore. It is truely a breath-taking scene, to look down from Highway 77 toward the falls, far below. This is a "Must See" in Southern Oklahoma.

This is a beautiful 1996 photo of the Pennington Creek swimming hole and dam at Tishomingo, Oklahoma. It is located just a couple of blocks north of the highway in Tishomingo. Here is another view, just as little closer up I took in 2001.

Ten Acre Rock is located just a few miles north of Ravia, Oklahoma on Highway 1. It is said, the granite at the State Capital all came from Ten Acre Rock. People used to go there years ago and picnic. Even though it is on private property, people still go there for the day, and picnic.

This is Slippery Falls Located at the Boys Scout Ranch near Tishomingo.

This is just a glimpse of the huge rocks near Larry and Debbie Boston's property. Very magnificent! The Boston's have been so helpful and sending pictures of interesting sites around Tishomingo.

I remember when a kid, and in the Boy Scouts, we used to go out on 3rd Northeast just before you get to Dogwood Road on the north side of the 3rd and spend the day at Sand Canyon. The last time I was out there, erosion had pretty much ruined the beauty of Sand Canyon. Sand Canyon is on private property.

Here's a view of Roosevelt Bridge where it crosses Lake Texhoma, looking east toward Durant, Oklahoma. And here's the "welcome" sign at the entrance to Lake Texhoma Lodge just west of Roosevelt Bridge.

Old Washington Elementary School at Martin Luther King Drive and "G" Northeast (later named the Early Childhood Center). The school burned and no longer exists.

Old Ardmore Junior High which was located at A street NW and 2nd (which has since been torn down)

Old Ardmore High School, located at North Washington and 2rd Street

Old Carnegie Library located at Stanley and "E" Street Southwest (now called the Ardmore Garden Center)

This isn't quite in central Oklahoma, but it was such a unique picture, I couldn't resist. It's a photo of the Walters, Oklahoma train depot . Walters is southeast of Lawton. One thing that makes it unique is the caboose at the right. Seems like cabooses are almost a thing of the past.

More to come........

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