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updated: 03/12/15

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"Hi Butch, wanted let you know I am doing great on the TruVision, 8lbs. and several inches in about 6 weeks." -Anita in Ardmore, Oklahoma

"Love this product... have taken it two weeks with great results...losing lbs & side effects & no desire to snack or overeat..just seems too easy." -Debbie, Ardmore, Oklahoma

After trying TruVision for only 2 weeks I am a true believer. I am down 5 lbs already! The TruVision gives me the energy I need to keep up with the kids." -Rachel, Ardmore, Oklahoma

"I'm impressed!!! I purchased a sample pack with a somewhat jaded attitude. I have, and have had, a problem with my thyroid for over 20 years. I have absolutely no problem gaining as much as 20 pounds a month, but have to fight extremely hard to lose the weight again. TruVision allowed me to lose weight without feeling like I was working myself to death or starving myself to death. I was still able to eat some sweets along with other foods that I like. The difference was that I didn't want to eat a lot. I could finally push my plate away, or say, "No, I'm just don't want anything to eat!" Thanks to TruVision, I can finally get rid of this menopausal/hypothyroid (next to impossible to lose) weight!" -Patti, Wilson, Oklahoma

"I have been taking TruVision for about 3 weeks and have lost 6 lbs and two notches in my belt. It curbs my appetite and gives me energy," -Larry, Ardmore, Oklahoma

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