My TruVision Health Results
By Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma

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Last modified October 19, 2015

Program started January 11, 2015

I have never taken any blood pressure medicine. My blood pressure has been slowly rising since January 2014. The stats below are from my failed Plexus Slim weight program I started May 21, 2014.  I am proud for those who did lose weight with Plexus, but it just didn't work for me. The TruVision program will start past this first section of stats (scroll on down to the TruVision starting point).

05/21/14  BP 181/105  P 82  188 lbs
06/03/14  BP 145/93    P 73  188 lbs
07/11/14  BP 141/90    P 63  188 lbs
08/03/14  BP 158/88    P 70  188 lbs
09/28/14  BP 158/90    P 70  188 lbs
10/12/14  BP 138/95    P 71  185 lbs
11/16/14  BP 161/93    P 72  184 lbs
12/07/14  BP 154/99    P 71  183 lbs
01/01/15  BP 154/98    P 81  186 lbs

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From time to time I will post below my stats since starting the TruVision program. So check back often to see how the program is working for me.

I have ordered more TruVision Trial Packs. The package should arrive Saturday 17th.  I promise you, the extra packs I've ordered will be spoken for quickly, so if you want one, let me know.

01/11/15 Started TruVision my 7 day trial pack

01/11/15  BP 169/93   P 74  184 lbs
01/14/15  So far I have really been surprised how great TruVision has worked for me. It has suppressed my appetite tremendously, lowered my blood pressure by 12 points, increased my energy level by a bunch, and I've lost 3 pounds.
01/16/15  Day 5 of my 7 day trial pack of TruVision. I am really a happy camper! Forced to pull in my belt a notch! Been a long time since I've had to do that.
01/18/15  My 7 day Trial pack came to an end today and I am pleased with my results. By the end of those 7 days I'm down almost 4 pounds and it was ALL in my gut where I needed to lose it. I was really surprised in the reduction around my waist. I even had to pull my belt up a notch and I haven't done that in years. Now I'm looking forward to getting my 30 day bottle of TruVision Weight/Energy capsules on Tuesday!
01/19/15  BP 158/102   P 77  181 lbs
01/25/15  BP 142/85     P 73  180 lbs  Really losing my gut and a lot more energy
01/29/15  Over a week on only the TruWeight capsules (no TruFix) and lost zero pounds (did not gain either).  Started back today on BOTH capsules.
01/31/15  BP 136/82     P 82  179.0 lbs  Yeah! Broke below 180! Been 15 years since I've been below 180 pounds.
02/07/15  BP 145/92     P 92  178.1 lbs
02/15/15  BP 134/77     P 77  177.0 lbs
BTW, as of 2 days ago my optimal BMI fell within range.  132.4 to 178.2 pounds
03/08/15  BP 138/84     P 77  177.3 lbs
04/05/15  Started taking daily Primadophilus Fortify Probiotic

07/11/15  BP 152/93    P 67  178 lbs

07/16/15  Ok, I'm going to get serious about my BP. It's not nearly as high as it was before starting TruVision and losing about 12 pounds but it's not where it should be. For several years I have been receiving a Health Newsletter from Dr. Campbell in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

By Dr. Lauri Campbell, N.D. Wynnewood 972-333-4394

Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure

No wonder the treatment for high blood pressure is a five billion dollar annual business. Over 60 million Americans are diagnosed with it. Moderate high blood pressure (140-180/95-114 mm Hg) can benefit more from basic dietary and lifestyle changes than from the drugs they are prescribed that bring with them terrible side effects.

Just exercise daily and eat a diet high in fiber, complex carbohydrates, cold water fish and lots of fruits and vegetables high in magnesium and potassium. Cut down on table salt and eat more onions, garlic and celery. Did you know that celery (just four stalks a day) can lower blood pressure by 13 percent and cholesterol levels by seven percent? That is because celery contains 3-n-butyl phthalide, a chemical that relaxes the smooth muscles that line the blood vessels.

We also know that certain supplements can help lower elevated blood pressure naturally without any side effects. Magnesium is the first one to come to mind. Just taking 400milligrams with each meal can have a significant impact on relaxing smooth muscle helping dilate the blood vessels, reducing the actual blood pressure by addressing a mineral deficiency.

CoQ10 ubiquinol has been shown to lower blood pressure by ten percent over a 12 week period when taking 100 milligrams twice daily. Vitamin E prevents the oxidation of bad cholesterol that leads to plaque build up. Take 400 to 800 IUs of the natural form of vitamin E daily. Flax seed oil is another natural remedy and taking 1,000 milligrams three times daily is a good dose for high blood pressure. The B-complex and B-6 can also help. Consider 100 milligrams of extra B-6 and 400 mcg of folic acid daily.

So you see, you have a number of natural options to help normalize your blood pressure without having to deal with the adverse side effects of the many blood pressure meds out there. Check your blood pressure daily and start this natural program and see how well your blood pressure responds. Just a cup of diced celery daily could make all the difference in getting your blood pressure within normal limits.

So don't give up, just try the natural way and get healthy.

Call me at 972-333-4394 and I'll give you a word of encouragement.

So, starting today I'm going to try and follow Dr. Campbell's recommendations from his newsletter on reducing my blood pressure. I will post my results from time to time on here.

07/17/15  BP 155/93    P 66  180.0 lbs

09/21/15  Started taking Ultimate Flora  CLICK HERE

10/19/15  I have not taken the TruVision for 30 days and not gained a single pound, In fact, I have lost 2 or 3. The only thing I'm taking is the probiotics, twice a day. One capsule in the morning and one capsule at suppertime.  I've really been losing my belly fat too.  Link to my probiotics webpage CLICK HERE

10/19/15 171/82 BP, 73 pulse, and 177.6 pounds

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