Vicious Dog Attacks - Oklahoma
updated 1/14/18
By Butch Bridges
Ardmore, Oklahoma
online 11/18/12

This website is not against dogs or their owners. But, this site is:

Against people allowing their dogs a chance to harm other people

Against the dogs trained to harm people

Against people mistreating their dogs so they’re more inclined to harm people

For better legal protection and better enforcement of the laws intended to protect people from the vicious dogs or those using or allowing the vicious dogs to harm people. Owners whose dog attacks and mauls or kills people are very seldom prosecuted, or when they are they are just given a slap on the hand or small fine. Very few vicious dog owners receive jail time in Oklahoma. And the victims of vicious dog attacks most of the time are stuck with the medical bills and/or funeral expenses.

Breakdown of dog attacks by breed and other statistics across the U.S.  CLICK HERE

01/14/18 Duncan - Police are investigating the death of a Duncan girl who was killed in a dog attack, according to DPD Lt. John Byers. Byers said the initial call came in to dispatch at 3:19 p.m. around F Street in Duncan and the officer responded to a call of a dog bite and the circumstances around what caused the attack is still being investigated. CLICK HERE

11/28/17 Shawnee - She put him on a leash and was out walking him in the yard. Things took a scary turn when she walked toward the neighbor’s yard. They recently got a pit bull a couple months ago and it came out the front door, saw Sydney walking the dog and attacked and killed it instantly.  Click Here

11/22/17 Tulsa - A Tulsa man says a pack of dogs attacked him while he went for a jog. He said he was on the Osage Prairie trail behind Oklahoma State University's Tulsa campus when the attack happened. The city councilor of the district reportedly told him that when she walks the trail, she carries a gun. Click Here

11/12/17 Ardmore - A man was walking his small, 13 pound, dog at Hargrove and 14th NW when a pit bull attacked his dog which was on a leash. He tried to beat the dog off with the butt of his pistol, but was unable to make the dog let go. He had to shoot the dog, killing it. Before he left home to walk, he first thought he'd leave his pistol behind, but at the last minute decided to take it with him. No collar on the dog, no one to claim ownership. My friend is left to pay a $750 vet bill.

9/20/17 Claremore - Three people were transported to the emergency room after they were allegedly attacked by a dog. CLICK HERE

9/03/17 Wilson - "Went a long slow 8 miles today! Halfway through this 20 weeks of training. Also got my money's worth out of Walter today. Ole Walter, my pepper spray and the man that gave me that ring saved my life today lol. Between miles 4 and 5 (Reck Road and Ridge Road), a pack of no less than 10 pit bull mix dogs came out of nowhere and tried to maul me! Walter kept the old ticker from stopping as I reached for my pepper spray, praying to Jesus to stop those dogs. I looked up and flying around the corner was my knight in shining armor! Thank the Lord that Lynn just happened to be making one of his checks on me! Took me a few minutes to get my heart and breathing back to normal, but I finished!!" -Stacy McMahan

7/25/17 Healdton - A Healdton police officer was attacked by pit Wednesday morning, prompting him to use deadly force. Police say they have responded to reports of vicious dogs at a home on 5th Street and Magnolia multiple times, but in the past, were never able to find the dogs or make contact with the owners. CLICK HERE

7/19/17 Oklahoma City - Hi Butch, I had a unique experience this morning. I was out walking early to beat the heat. I could see this woman coming up the street. She was running. I didn't think too much about it until I saw why she was running – dogs were chasing her. She was even trying to run backwards to see how close they were to her and almost fell. She saw mw and started running towards me. When the dogs saw me and my big head thumper they retreated. I had her call 911 and ask for police assistance. She was too nervous to talk to the dispatcher so I got her phone and told them we needed police NOW. In a few minutes, four police units showed up. I guess because of the woman that was killed here a few months ago Talking to this one officer. He could tell that I was ticked off about what happened. I showed him a picture on my cell phone of what a pit bull had done to me a few years back and that I wasn't going to be intimidated by dogs when I am out walking. I told him that I guess that there were several options for me. First I try my head thumper stick (club), then pepper spray, then my knife and as a last resort a Glock. He sure gave me a look. After five attacks and two trips to an ER, I am quite serious about not letting it happen again. I knew how scared that Hispanic woman was this morning.

6/20/17 Stillwater - Haiden Oxendine, an 8-year-old Richmond Elementary student, will need time to fully recover from the injuries she suffered last week when an unidentified animal attacked her in the back yard of her family’s home in University Estates. Haiden was hospitalized for several days, undergoing surgery to repair a deep hole where part of the muscle around her shoulder blade was torn away and to close up a bone-deep laceration that stretches across one side of her chest. CLICK HERE

6/08/17 Tulsa - A Tulsa County deputy is recovering after he shot and killed a dog yesterday near Collinsville when the dog reportedly bit a child and then attacked him. There are at least two police reports on file with the sheriff’s office about the dog, and one neighbor told FOX23 it was a tragedy waiting to happen. The pit bull reportedly attacked a seven-year-old Tuesday night. CLICK HERE

5/15/17 Oklahoma City - Two students were injured at a metro-area elementary school last week when a dog entered their pre-kindergarten classroom and attacked them, school administrators said. CLICK HERE

5/15/17 Kingston - An Oklahoma boy is recovering at a Dallas hospital after surviving an attack by a service dog in Kingston last week. The boy's mom said, on Thursday, her son went to pet the dog named Henry when the dog growled, jumped up, and bit him. She said the dog is often chained in the back of their apartment complex and her son has gone up to pet it multiple times before. The boy was taken to a Durant hospital then transported to Dallas for reconstructive surgery for the bite on his face.

5/03/17 Collinsville - Child and deputy severely injured following pit bull attack in Collinsville, Oklahoma CLICK HERE

4/10/16 Edmond - “I was like, ‘God, don’t let this happen again,'” Dog attack rattles Edmond. "The most vicious dogs I've ever seen," Held told NewsChannel 4. "This poor lady could have been really badly hurt. She's down and screaming." CLICK HERE

04/06/17 Oklahoma City -A woman and her dog were killed when they were mauled by a pitbull and another large dog just before 2 p.m. CLICK HERE  Woman Identified

03/09/17 Ardmore - A man was about to take out his neighbors trash when he was attacked by two dogs Thursday morning. VIDEO

01/27/17 Apache - Student on way home from school attacked by pit bull. “She is a top student, she is a straight A student. She involved in many extracurricular activities.” But that student is in the hospital right now -- recovering from a vicious dog attack. The teen was on her way home from the bus stop when she was mauled by 3 to 4 of her neighbors' pit bulls. “Ripped her clothes off and tore her hair out and I was just so afraid that she might die,” said neighbor, Karen Robinson. CLICK HERE

01/25/17 Duncan - Dog attack leaves multiple people injured and a woman is in the hospital recovering after being bitten by a dog. They say the dog's owner ordered it to attack. Carolyn Jett is still in the hospital because of the attack. CLICK HERE

12/27/16 Ringling - "My son was walking home from playing next door at the neighbor's house. I heard screaming outside so I ran to the door and the pit bull had my 5 year old pinned down. He had scratches & scrapes on him from the dog jumping on him. Luckily I heard & jumped to the rescue just in time so he had no serious bites. However, the dog did not run away. After I screamed at the dog it startled him long enough to let my son up and run on the porch with me and then he stayed on our porch barking and jumping at our frontdoor at us, until police could get there! Dog did not run away."

11/17/16 Healdton - "I was scared, I thought I wasn't going to make it." Victim Curtis Smith said. Smith was walking to his town's library when he was attacked by three pit bulls. "One got behind me, one got in front of me. The other one surrounded me," Smith said. "and then pretty much its all a blur after that, except I kept hollering for help." CLICK HERE

11/14/16 Tulsa - A woman is recovering in a Tulsa hospital after she was attacked by two dogs. Osage County deputies say the woman was walking when two pit bulls "mauled" her. CLICK HERE

11/07/16 Tulsa - The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office has charged the owner of a dog that now has attacked two people. The pit bull was taken away and euthanized. CLICK HERE

9/27/16 - Oklahoma City - Around 12:15pm, I went for a walk with my 10 year old female border collie in the 15800 block of Drew Drive in Oklahoma City. This is only a few blocks from my house.

A female pitbull/mastiff mix dog rushed towards us from the yard of 15813 Drew Drive. It was one of five similar dogs at this location. The other four dogs were chained up outside the house.

The pitbull lunged towards us and gripped its teeth on my dog's hip, ripping and tearing her skin in shreds. I was hanging on to my dog by her collar to keep from losing her to the pitbull. It was shaking its head and pulling hard enough on my dog until it pulled me down with her to the ground with my dog. I cradled my dog and tried to cover her with my body. We were attacked over and over by this dog for no reason! The dog bit me several times about my face and on on both of my forearms.

Without hesitation, a 21 year old female ran barefoot towards us from her house which was located a few acres down the road. She grabbed a PVC pipe from near her house as she ran towards us. She ran up to the dog and hit it several times with the pipe until it turned loose. She kept swinging the pipe to keep the dog away as it kept charging towards me and my dog while we were still on the ground and bleeding profusely.

The young lady's sister-in-law also assisted us by calling 911. She got in her car and drove to where I was on the ground with my dog. She drove right between us and the pitbull. We climbed into the back seat of her car as she drove us to safety.

The two young ladies saved our lives!

I live in a rural part of eastern Oklahoma City near Arcadia Lake. It took Police nearly 30 minutes to arrive. EMSA never made it. As we were driving to the hospital, we saw EMSA parked on the road several miles away. We stopped and asked if they were looking for us. They said they were but dispatch told them cancel their call because we were on our way to the hospital in a personal vehicle. We told them they were too late and we would seek our own medical treatment. That's why there never was a police report and no one even knows what happened.

I was never so scared as I was when I was forced to the ground and being attacked by this vicious dog! I am so thankful to be alive today thanks to my new found Angels, Tracy and Heart Holshouser.  -Reported by Trela Wishon

09/23/16 El Reno - Oklahoma deputy saved a man from two raging pit bulls in 'attack mode' by pulling him onto the hood of patrol car. CLICK HERE

08/04/16 Oklahoma City - An Oklahoma City man is charged with second-degree manslaughter after a vicious attack by his five pit bulls. Police said the dogs escaped their yard and attacked and killed a 61 year old neighbor. CLICK HERE

07/26/16 Checotah - An Oklahoma woman was flown to the hospital after a neighbor reportedly commanded their pit bull to attack her. Jackie Stone, 65, has been having trouble with her neighbor’s dog for a while, her nephew told Fox 23. Her neighbor’s pit bull has allegedly attacked her dog multiple times in the past. CLICK HERE

04/15/16 Lone Grove - A 2 year was bit in the face by a half pit the family had owned for several years. The child was sewed up by an oral surgeon in the emergency room.

03/11/16 Oklahoma City - Spencer Ridley's bandages sit bloodied on his legs. His wounds are still raw beneath. And his anger is still burning, hours after four pit bull dogs attacked him Friday. CLICK HERE

02/26/16 Ada - A little boy is recovering after he was mauled by his neighbors dogs Thursday. Pontotoc County deputies say the 5 year-old was attacked by the dogs inside his neighbor's chicken pen. He was Flown to OU Medical Center where family friends say he is pushing through, but suffered the loss of both of his ears, and has severe cuts and bruises. The Sheriff's Office says the dogs have been put down.   VIDEO

02/22/16 Ardmore - Pit bull bites arm of lady in 1100 block of B Street NE.  PHOTO

02/19/16 Ardmore - HFV Wilson Center, female bitten, severally bleeding, by vicious dog on East Main.

02/08/16 Oklahoma City - An Oklahoma City homeowner is in serious condition after being attacked by the family dog.  CLICK HERE

12/04/15 Little Axe - “It felt like they were eating me,” Oklahoma man survives attack by five pit bulls. CLICK HERE

11/25/15 Lawton - A Lawton man is on the mend after he was attacked by a neighbor's dog in an east Lawton neighborhood. "I looked and the dog was charging," Robert Whigham said as he recalled the attack when he was out for his daily jog. CLICK HERE

11/05/15 Healdton - Female was attacked by a Pit Bull and is bleeding from the head. In the 100 block of Phillips Street. Healdton first responders, officers and animal control in route.

10/22/15 Oklahoma City - Man dies after being mauled by 5 pit bull dogs. CLICK HERE

09/17/15 Okmulgee - The sheriff in Okmulgee is pushing for charges, after a woman claims she was attacked by a group of dogs. The attack happened on the south end of Okmulgee on Wednesday afternoon. "I can't even let my grandson come out here and play," said Collins, who says she was attacked after coming to check on her sister, who has cancer. (CLICK HERE)

08/08/15 Ardmore - "Hey Butch, I meant to tell you this right after it happened. I guess it's been a couple of weeks ago now. Johnny Jones of Johnny's Sprockets Bike shop was riding his bicycle on Highway 53 and a dog came out and ran into him or he ran into it. I really don't remember, but Johnny came out on the losing end. It knocked him out, even with a helmet on and he has a broken pelvis. Just a reminder to people to keep your pets up. They don't have to bite someone to cause a lot of hurt, not to mention they can cost you money. Even outside city limits where there is no leash law, you are still responsible for your pets." -Phillip Capshaw

07/27/15 Coweta - Woman Dies. Witnesses told KJRH that the woman was picking up cans along Main St. when she was attacked by three pit bulls and one Rottweiler. Neighbors told KJRH the victim is 67-year-old Carolyn Lamp. They say she was collecting aluminum cans to support her sewing hobby. “When they said aluminum cans, I kinda figured it was her,” one neighbor said. CLICK HERE

05/04/15 Ardmore - Woman facing charges in revenge shooting of neighbor's pit bull, which had attacked and killed her cat in her own front yard. Seventy-eight year old Mary Dube can only point, unable to express her pain verbally because she is deaf. She lost her beloved 5 year old pit bull, Sadie on Friday, when a neighbor came into her yard and shot it.

07/03/15 Oklahoma City - A vicious pit bull attack left a metro family terrified Thursday night. They called us, frustrated, because they say animal control refused to show up and help. It was so bad they had to call police to get the situation under control. CLICK HERE

06/30/15 Lawton - Craig Akard tells The Lawton Constitution that Jordan "Jo Jo" Collins-Tyson died Sunday after a pit bull bit him in the neck. Akard says officers were called Sunday morning to a home on a report of a dog attack. When they arrived, Akard says the dog was aggressive toward them and had to be shot. Akard says a friend of Jordan's family was babysitting the child and called for help after finding him laying in the home's backyard. CLICK HERE

06/29/15 Oklahoma City - A metro man is behind bars following a police investigation into an alleged dog attack on the city’s southwest side over the weekend. According to police reports, Oklahoma City police arrested Julio Favela in the 900 block of Southwest 35th Street on Saturday. Police say man made up dog attack to get money from neighbor. CLICK HERE

06/22/15 Tulsa - "Blood everywhere, I didn't realize it was the postman at first," said William Harper. When William came home for lunch, he found that his dream pit bull had become someone's nightmare. "Yeah they took him right to the hospital out of here he got chewed up pretty bad, got a 90 pound pit bull locking on your face, I mean you're in pretty bad shape," he said. He had raised the dog since he was just a 9 week old puppy, and says the attack stunned him as much as anyone. CLICK HERE

05/27/15 Ardmore - 10 year old boy was attacked by pit bull on 10th NE but refusing treatment by medics. Dispatch says this is an ongoing thing with this same dog.

04/18/15 Moore - An 11-year-old hearing-impaired boy from Oklahoma has his younger sister to thank for saving his life after a pack of vicious Rottweilers mauled him over the weekend. Graphic content  CLICK HERE

03/23/15 Oklahoma City - A woman was hospitalized and her dog killed after Oklahoma City Animal Welfare said she was attacked by two stray dogs.  CLICK HERE

02/07/15 Oklahoma City - Around 1:40 p.m., police responded to the 1200 block of NW 45th to a report of a dog attacking a homeowner. Upon arrival, police located an adult male being mauled by a St. Bernard. Two bystanders attempted to pull the dog off the man but they were unsuccessful. An officer then discharged his handgun and the dog released its hold on the man. Officers said the homeowner was “gravely injured as a result of the dog attack”.

01/22/15 Cartwright - A Texoma woman attacked by a dog this week will have to live with what happened for the rest of her life. The attack left her with cuts, bruises and a gash in her arm down to the bone. Leona Kirby, 41, says she was riding her bike down a trail near her Cartwright home Monday afternoon when a red-nosed pitbull ran towards her.  CLICK HERE

12/27/14 Enid - Authorities say a 10-year-old boy was outside playing when two pit bull dogs allegedly attacked him.  CLICK HERE   Another Video (graphic)

12/22/14 Oklahoma City - An Oklahoma City woman was rushed to the hospital Thursday after a dog jumped on her and bit her on the arm and hand. Click Here

12/15/14 Oklahoma City -  An Oklahoma County Sheriff's Deputy is recovering after she was attacked Monday morning by a pit bull outside a NW Oklahoma City car repair shop. CLICK HERE

12/08/14 Oklahoma City - A metro woman is furious after she says she was brutally attacked by three dogs and the animals were allowed to return home. Renae Parks says she was at an acquaintance’s home when her husband and the dogs’ owner left her alone with the pets. At some point, she says one of the dogs began growling at her and latched onto her arm. CLICK HERE

11/17/14 Seminole - A child is attacked by a dog while in foster care, now one Oklahoma family demands answers. They feel like the state has let them down, but the Oklahoma DHS says this was just a terrible accident. CLICK HERE

11/06/14 Bethany - Two American bulldogs accused of attacking their neighbors had their fates' decided late Thursday. The Bethany Police Chief's wife says the dogs are vicious and left her with bruises, so a court hearing took place to determine if both dogs would be put to death. CLICK HERE

10/21/14 Collinsville - A 5-year-old Collinsville girl is in the hospital recovering from a dog attack. A 2-year-old Rottweiler-Bull Mastiff mix grabbed Payton White Tuesday evening, according to a witness. The girl's father said the injuries look more like a shark attack than dog bites. It took surgeons six hours to repair the injuries to Payton's arm, head and neck. Her dad says she has hundreds of stitches. CLICK HERE

10/21/14 Pryor - A family in Oklahoma is mourning the loss of their beloved Boxer, Murdock, after he was killed on Tuesday by a neighbor’s two Pit Bulls that escaped their yard, reports KFOX23. The family requested that their identity not be revealed as they try to cope with the vicious killing of their 6-year-old pet and the fear they feel because their daughter was also recently the victim of a Pit Bull attack. CLICK HERE

10/18/14 Ardmore - Foiled Dog Attack: "Hi Butch, long time -- My dog attack adventure may be of interest -- I'm 90 & need to walk mornings. Now & then I passed three big dogs chained in front yard barking furiously. Few weeks ago, same house a tiny little dog half the size of a house cat, yapping at my feet. Trying to avoid it, I saw one of the big dogs, free, headed for me. Lucky I had my spring steel walking stick, cut from a golf club. Big dog about to take hold of my left leg, I gave him my best stroke with my stick. That changed his mind. I walked on, thinking lucky I had my stick & saw the attack coming & lucky it was me instead of some little old lady or small child being attacked. Got home, called police, Animal Control Officer came out, took my report, saying he would talk with dog's owner. Now, weeks later, the dogs sometimes still there but don't bark much at me. Makes me wonder if dogs learned a lesson, maybe drugged by owner or just got used to seeing me but still a menace in my opinion. These are like Alaska sled dogs, maybe 100 pound size" -Bob McCrory

10/14/14 Oklahoma City - Animal control officers captured an out-of-control dog Tuesday after the animal attacked a mail carrier and then bit his owner. A nearly hour long standoff unfolded in northeast Oklahoma City on Tuesday afternoon as Oklahoma City police and animal control officers, firefighters and paramedics surrounded a home at 2325 NW 119 shortly after 2 p.m.  Click Here

10/10/14 Oklahoma City - Two animal welfare employees with the city of Oklahoma City are recovering from bites they suffered during a dog attack Friday morning. Click Here

09/28/14 Norman - A pair of dog owners in Norman are in shock this weekend after an alleged attack by their neighbor's pit bull. Their dogs were hurt badly, and the dog they say is responsible for the fight, is still in its backyard. Click Here

09/19/14 Tulsa - A Tulsa police officer has fatally shot one of two pit bulls who mauled a man. Click Here

08/12/14 Pryor - A 4 year old girl was attacked by the neighbor's pit bull requiring 120 stitches in her face.

07/24/14 Altus - An Altus woman was badly injured when she was mauled by a pack of dogs. The woman told police she went with a friend to a trailer on north Howse Street Wednesday to talk to the homeowner about buying it. The victim's friend was invited inside, while she waited on the front porch. That's when three medium to large sized dogs attacked the woman, leaving severe cuts and bite wounds on her neck, chest, arms, legs, and back. She was ultimately taken by helicopter to a hospital in Oklahoma City to be treated for her injuries. The dogs were euthanized at the request of the owner.  Click Here

07/14/14 Muskogee - Glenn Boulet Sr., who was the victim of a vicious dog attack on Monday, has been updated from critical to serious condition. “He still can’t talk, and he still can’t walk,” said Boulet’s wife, Deborah Lolles Boulet. Glenn Boulet, 61, has been at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa since being flown there after two pit bull dogs attacked him near his home at 318 S. Ninth St. Witnesses had to use baseball bats and a gun to separate the dogs from Boulet. Click Here

6/26/14 McLoud - A 9-year-old girl is recovering after she recently survived a vicious dog attack inside her own home. “I was just coming out of the bathroom and it just started attacking me.” Adeline Chambers remembers. Girl's mother says stray dog came inside when door was left open.  Click Here

06/19/14 Oklahoma City - Second dog attack of Edmond woman at Oklahoma State Capitol prompts security to set dog cages to trap dogs. Click Here for story.

06/14/14 Oklahoma City - Colorado woman recovering from dog bite she received during Oklahoma Capitol visit.  Click Here for story.

05/29/14 Healdton - 3rd and Magnolia street. SOAS and Healdton PD on scene. Four dogs  attacked man. Wilson dog catcher come out to help capture the animals. All dogs captured but one.

05/25/14 Ardmore - A 4 year old boy is recovering from a pit bull attack in Carter County. Tonight, his parents are thankful the Ardmore boy was not killed.

05/25/14 Ardmore - A 4 year old boy is recovering from a pit bull attack in Carter County. Tonight, his parents are thankful the Ardmore boy was not killed. CLICK HERE

05/24/14 Overbrook - Today at the convenience store in Overbrook a pit bull attacked this guy

04/17/14 Enid - A 74-year old Enid woman was viciously attacked by two dogs and is still recovering in the hospital from her injuries.  VIDEO

03/17/14 Jay - A Delaware County man mauled by two pit bull dogs earlier this month received between 180 to 200 stitches to close up lacerations after the attack.

03/05/14 Vian - A 65-year-old man and his dog were attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull in the man’s backyard. The man’s granddaughter had unchained the family’s boxer mix in order to fix the chain, when the other dog came onto the property and attacked the boxer mix. The man was bitten when he tried to break up the attack, and responding police officers had to use a Taser on the pit bull in order to give the boxer mix a chance to break free. The pit bull ran off and had not been located.

03/05/14 Spencer - Deputy Accidentally Shoots Self As Dog Attacks Him In Spencer FULL STORY

01/29/14 Kenwood - A traffic stop by a Cherokee Nation Marshal Service unit is now under investigation because of an attack on the female motorist by a K-9.  Story and Photo

01/22/14 Ardmore - Since I've been posting vicious dog attacks in my newsletter (I started in 2001), today I learned about a beautiful pony that was attacked by a pit bull just outside Ardmore. The owner had just dropped off this most adorable pony with its new owner.  The original owner had not even got home before the new owner called to say the pony had been attacked by her neighbor's pit bull.  This first photo shows the pony BEFORE the attack today.

Photo 1

Now these next two photos are horrific.  Do not click on them unless you are prepared to see the most mangled face of a pony a person can imagine.

Photo 2        Photo 3

01/15/14 Lawton - A Lawton man was mauled in a vicious dog attack Tuesday night and now the Animal Welfare Department is working to identify and locate the animal. Authorities say the victim suffered a severe tear to his face when he was attacked by a dog.  VIDEO

01/02/14 Altus - A 7-year-old girl was bitten by a chained dog while she was playing in the owner’s backyard with his children. The girl was taken to the hospital, and the dog’s owner was charged with cruelty to animals for having the dog on a chain shorter than the legal minimum. The owner was also cited for not having the dog vaccinated against rabies and for having a vicious animal. Police noted that the dog didn’t have any water, and the owner had been cited in the preceding months for not having a dog vaccinated against rabies and having a dog running at large.

12/14/13 Broken Arrow - "Three men saved our lives when we were attacked by 2 large American bulldogs. The attack really scared me, and almost killed my dog. But now that it is over, I realize that there are no weapons that a person like me can carry.... By the way I live in Broken Arrow in what I consider a nice housing addition. This is not an area of town that people would fear to walk in, but there are many vicious animals in so many homes."

11/20/13 Norman - Two dogs attacked a group of schoolchildren walking near All Saints Catholic School Wednesday morning leaving at least three with bites, others scratched and one with a concussion, officials said. Capt. Tom Easley said one of the dogs, a Dogo Argentino, was captured. It had no tags or chip and was euthanized. The dog’s head was taken to the state Health Department for examination. CLICK HERE

10/19/13 Hollis - A 4-year-old Hollis boy is still in an Oklahoma City hospital almost two weeks after he was mauled by a neighbor's dog.  4-year-old Gage Thornhill set out on a typical bike ride in his neighborhood. It ended tragically when he was violently attacked. Police arrived to find a small bicycle and two tennis shoes in a pile of dirt. Nearby, two men held the child in a jacket. Dirt covered Gage's wounds, and he is still fighting to recover from them. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Follow-up email on 11/04/13 - "This happened before there in Hollis to my cousin. It was about 12 years ago. My grandparents live there and my cousin, he was about 5 years old and he's 17 now,  went to check the mail and the neighbor's pit bull attacked him and he almost died. It was 1/2 a centimeter from his jugular vein. So scary! All they did was put the dog down and check if he had rabies. My cousin still lives with a scared up face to this day."  -Becka Harris

09/14/13 Ardmore - "A four year old boy was attacked by pit bulls in Ardmore yesterday. He walked out the back door while his mother was sleeping and the other two adults weren't paying attention and they attacked him for the food in his hand. The boy lost an ear and has severe nerve damage in his face. He's at Children's Hospital in Oklahoma City." CLICK HERE

09/06/13 Edmond -  Man kills dog after it attacks his wife.  CLICK FOR STORY

07/01/13 Tulsa - Toddler is recovering after he was bit by a pit bull at a Midtown apartment complex, late Sunday night.  CLICK FOR STORY

06/14/13 Jessieville, Arkansas - Ayden Evans of Midwest City, Oklahoma, age 5, was staying with his aunt in Jessieville, Arkansas, when a neighbor's bull mastiff killed him. VIDEO

05/13/13 Tulsa - Pit bull in Tulsa climbs over neighbor's fence, and mauls lady's leg so severely there was not enough skin to sew up wounds. She will need plastic surgery. Video

03/19/13 Tulsa - Two women going door to door in the 2000 block of North Lewis Place were attacked and severely injured Tuesday morning by a pit bull dog.  CLICK FOR STORY

03/18/13 Oklahoma City - A man intervened after a stray dog attacked his dog in the 1200 block of Northwest 45th Street around 6:30 p.m. Monday. Investigators say the 35-year-old man's nose was nearly ripped off.   VIDEO

03/13/13 Ardmore - "Well Butch, I know I'm preaching to the choir talking to you, but I was bit by a dog last Wednesday night. It was running loose and I was walking down the middle of the street. Thankfully it was a little Jack Russell type dog. All it did was break the skin, however because it was bleeding I wanted to make sure it had it's shots. Wouldn't you know it the lady that owned it said it was a stray dog she had taken in and she had no idea whether it had it's shots or not. The police officer said "you just need to keep it quarantined for 2-3 days and make sure it doesn't foam at the mouth or nothing like that," which I was pretty sure was contrary to state law and it is. State law according to Ok. Health Dept. is that any dog that you can't prove has had it's shots has to be kept at a vet for 10 days. The dog was picked up by animal control and taken to the vet the next day. I post all of this to say once again PEOPLE BE RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR ANIMALS. I posted this on your site because I know this is a pet peeve with you & you have lots of friends. What irresponsible pet owners also can't seem to get through their thick skulls is that they are responsible for any damages/medical bills, lost income etc. that their pet does. Just a trip to the E.R. could get very expensive for them if FIDO is allowed to roam and he bites someone causes a wreck etc. This is the 2nd time since 2009 a dog has bit me and one run under the wheel on my bike and caused me to wreck in 2007. When are people going to learn. Thanks for letting me rant."   -Phillip Capshaw

03/05/13 Sand Springs - Tulsa County Sheriff's deputies say it took killing a pit bull to get it to let go after the dog attacked a man walking through his Sand Springs neighborhood.  A pit bull belonging to a neighbor got loose and attacked the man in the area of 800 West Long Street, in Sand Springs.  VIDE 1   VIDEO 2

02/04/13 Oklahoma City - Little Hope was bitten twice on her backside by a dog that put her in the emergency room  VIDEO

11/14/12 Edmond - Police arrest a man accused of assaulting his girlfriend and commanding his pit bull to attack her.

10/20/12 Ringling -. A young boy was attacked by a pit bull and taken to E.R. by his mother to get stitches in thighs and elsewhere. Received 7 stitches to close up his sack and 6 to close up his thigh.

10/20/12 Durant - A woman is grieving the loss of her pet Chihuahua and nursing injuries to her leg after two bulldogs running loose attacked them in their yard Saturday on East Main Street. Rhonda Bates said she was in her yard with her dog when the two bulldogs came through a hole in the fence and attacked her little dog. While trying to rescue her pet, she was bitten by one of the dogs.

10/11/12 Tulsa - The pins holding his leg together show up as dark lines on the x-ray, and the torn flesh makes you cringe in sympathy. "There were teeth marks on his bone," said John Carter, his 13 year-old son Darius a patient at St. Francis since Saturday after he tried to break up a fight between his dog and the neighbor's dog on the other side of the fence.
"And he grabbed our dog by the collar to pull him away from the hole and his foot slipped into the hole, and that's when the dog grabbed his foot," he said. And grabbed it with a fury, inflicting an enormous amount of damage. CLICK HERE

10/09/12 Christy Greene McCullers of Ardmore said: "Mike's cousin in St Louis has had a pit bull since she was a tiny puppy. Her father gave her to his daughter who was 12 years old at the time. She was the family pet for 6 years. Groomed, babied, snuggled, loved, the baby of the family. She pretty much slept in the basement with the daughter for 6 years. Tabitha is now 19 years old and her brother is 18. She is Tabitha's baby, the beloved famil...y pet. Tabitha was out of the house with her mother... her 18 year old brother was home with his father and girlfriend. Spencer was playing games with his girlfriend in the kitchen. The pit bull walked in the kitchen and unprovoked, attacked his girlfriend. Spencer (raised around this family's beloved baby for 6 years) pulled the dog off her with his father's help. The girlfriend suffered 60 stitches... Spencer spent 2 nights in the hospital after surgery to remove the 2 (count them... 2) teeth from his leg. His dad had multiple bite wounds and stitches as well. This sweet, loving, "baby" attacked two of her family members with no warning, unprovoked. They are in shock... when the police and ambulance arrived, the dog was scratching, clawing, and fighting at the back door to get back in the house. This dog couldn't have been raised in a kinder household since it was a teeny tiny puppy. Wow."

09/27/12 Muskogee - Three year old attacked by pit bull at Muskogee, Oklahoma last Friday.

09/27/12 Oklahoma City - A woman was mauled and killed by a pit bull, according to Oklahoma City Police. Nellie Davis, 60, was found by her granddaughter on Wednesday. VIDEO

09/24/12 Snyder - A Southwest Oklahoma mother said a dog viciously bit her young daughter and she's learned the dog used to be a police dog. Now officials in Kiowa County are investigating.

09/20/12 Muskogee - A 3-year-old boy was attacked by a chained pit bull in his family's backyard. The mother had left the child unattended outside while she went into the house for a few minutes. The boy wandered too close to the dog and was attacked.

09/19/12 Oklahoma City - A 65 year old woman was walking her mini-schnauzer on a city street when a one year old female pit bull bolted out from a backyard where the gate had somehow opened. It attacked the mini-schnauzer and tried to shake it to death but the woman dropped to the ground and protected her pet as best she could. Two men who witnessed the attack got the pit bull off them and the woman immediately took her pet to the veterinarian. The pet survived and the woman received scrapes and bruises. OKC Animal Control took custody of the pit bull after its owner signed it over and it was euthanized. -Earl in Oklahoma City

07/26/12 Oklahoma City - Oklahoma City police say a man shot his dog after it attacked his wife Thursday. VIDEO

07/16/12 Geronimo - A vicious attack by a pit bull on a woman in Geronimo may cause her to lose her leg. Sandy Schwab said she was walking to her friend's door when the dog ran up and started biting her leg. Her friend managed to get the dog off her and called 911. Hospital workers said the attack was so vicious she's lucky she didn't bleed to death. In spite of that, authorities haven't taken the dog away, and that has angered the woman's family. Her injuries are very severe. The muscle and tissue between her leg and her groin area was ripped off. The wound, which is now infected, is about the size of a large cantaloupe. Her family says because of the severity of the bite, the animal should have been quarantined.

06/14/12 Ada - Alleged dog attack prompts suit. A Pontotoc County family is suing their neighbor alleging the neighbor’s dog attacked their daughter in April.

05/23/12 Wagoner County, Oklahoma - A Green Country family says their protective pooch saved three neighborhood kids from a pit bull attack. The family is upset because they say it's not the first time this has happened. VIDEO

05/21/12 Oklahoma City — A 9-year-old boy is recovering from serious injuries after he was attacked by two vicious dogs, one a German Shepherd and one a Pit Bull. VIDEO

05/10/12 Ardmore - A police officer was bitten by a pit bull Thursday night when he responded to a report of dogs fighting.

04/19/12 Wilson - Deadly force was used to subdue a pit bull after it attacked a woman and charged at a police officer Wednesday afternoon. Capt. Jarod Barnes said he responded to the report of a pit bull attack at 4:18 p.m. on Ridge and Second Street. According to reports, Mary Williams had just come home from the grocery store when she was attacked. She was able to find safety in the back of a pickup truck, but suffered bites on the back of her calves. She was treated at the scene by the Southern Oklahoma Ambulance Service and was transported to Mercy Memorial Health Center by family members.

04/13/12 Marietta - Teen bitten by vicious dog - The Marietta Monitor

A 15-year-old Marietta student is recovering from a traumatic experience with a dog. When walking her usual route home down South 7th Street, the teen was surprised when a dog rounded the corner of a house and viciously approached her. Comments from family members on a Facebook® post state that the dog, a pit bull, attacked her and bit her on her calf. Statements read that she hit the dog to get it off her leg. Her cries for help prompted other children, who were also walking home, to come to her aid and attempt to keep the dog away once it released its grip. The time was approximately 3:12 p.m. when a call was made for law enforcement to respond to the scene. Incident reports from the Marietta Police Department indicate that a Sheriff's Department reserve officer was the first to arrive on the scene, followed by a Marietta Police Officer and two other Sheriff's Deputies. Medics were paged to the location to assist the girl with bites on her leg where puncture wounds were apparent. Armed with a shotgun, the Reserve Deputy proceeded around the house of the owners of the animal. The Marietta officer followed with a taser. One dog was safely caged in a kennel, the other dog darted from around the house and charged at the two officers. Seeing the dog had its teeth barred and was charging fast, one shot was fired from the shotgun, but it did not stop the animal. Upon the second shot, the dog fell over approximately half a foot from the Reserve Deputy. The vicious dog had been kept on a large chain in the back yard of the home. The yard was not fenced. It was reported the owner of the animal had plans that afternoon to purchase a second kennel in which to secure the dog. Officers did not identify any way the dog would have gotten off the chain, concluding that someone must have let the dog loose.  No vaccination records could be provided for the animal. The owners reported they completed their own vaccinations and no records were available through a veterinarian. A citation was issued to the owners for allowing an animal to run at large. The name of the juvenile was not released by law enforcement, but her wounds were wrapped at the scene and she was transported from the scene by private vehicle to be treated at the local hospital. Animal control was contacted for the dog. Its remains were taken to Westwood Veterinary Hospital in Ardmore, where the head was removed so it could be sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for testing.

04/10/12  Mead An elderly Mead, Oklahoma resident was mauled to death Monday afternoon by two pit bulls, the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office said. James Hurst, 92, was taken to the Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma, where he died, according to Undersheriff Ken Golden. He was mauled very, very badly,” Golden said. He was alive at the point when they loaded him onto the ambulance, and he died at the hospital.”

04/02/12 Oklahoma City - Family Concerned Over Pit Bull Attacks In SE OKC Neighborhood According to the people who live in the neighborhood, the three dogs broke through the fence right where a cinder block is keeping it closed. By Monday afternoon, there was a new dog in Shahan's neighbor's yard. Boudrow, a two-year-old English bulldog, was recovering from surgery Monday afternoon. Boudrow will be okay, but Shahan has a $2,000 vet bill and a fear that there will be a next time and it will be worse.

02/09/12 Ardmore - A dog owner said two pit bulls attacked her pet, and it is not the only time police dealt with a dangerous dog the same day. Peggy Jones came home two weeks ago to find her daughter screaming about their dog Xena, 3. "I jumped out of the car and came around and saw that it was two pit bulls pulling her from one end to the other," Jones said. "I tried throwing sticks and rocks and bricks at the dogs but we couldn't stop them."

11/04/11 Tulsa - A family had been out riding their bikes. but what would set off a 90 pound American Bulldog Terrier and trigger an attack that would change a little girls life. It was a day the Stonebarger family wishes never happened. PHOTO

11/03/11 Vinita - A 3-year-old Vinita girl is recovering after being attacked by a dog this past weekend. The pit bull jumped a 6-foot high fence to attack the girl while she was riding her bicycle. This was the second time this year a dog from the same residence in Vinita attacked someone. Victim is facing several years of recovery. PHOTOS

07/17/11 Stonewall - Jogger Daniel Murray is lucky to be alive today and he credits a fellow Stonewall resident for saving him. Murray was attacked by a pack of vicious dogs July 8 when a good Samaritan — 24-year-old Jennifer Sweet — came to his aid. PHOTO

06/14/11 Muskogee - Mother: 5 year old child was ripped by dog, tossing him like a rag doll. PHOTO

05/10/11 Oklahoma City - A man walking down a street was bitten on the arm and leg by a pit bull who had broken the chain he was kept on.

04/25/11 Ardmore - A local man is dead after a pit bull attack in Carter County over the weekend. Virgil Anthony "Tony" Cantrell was approaching a neighbor's house when their dog attacked him about 8 o'clock Friday night. Carter County Sheriff's Deputies arrived to find Cantrell lying unconscious on the ground. Authorities say the dog was standing over him, and they were forced to shoot and kill the pit bull.

02/18/11 Oklahoma City - The mother of an Oklahoma County commissioner shot and killed two dogs while they attacked her son's dog in a south Oklahoma City neighborhood.

01/17/11 Oklahoma City - OKC Man Angry After Neighbor's Pit Bull Kills Dog, Attacks Him. VIDEO

01/13/11 LeFlore County, Oklahoma - Toddler in Hospital after Pit Bull Attack

09/16/10 Tulsa - A girl got a little too close to a dog on a chain in North Tulsa and was attacked on Thursday morning.

07/13/10  Shawnee - Man attacked by pit bull

06/02/10 Oklahoma City - Mary Wolf is recovering after attack by pack of dogs, at least four pit bull mixes, including one that previously had attacked a 7-year-old boy. VIDEO

05/31/10 Oklahoma County - Woman Faces Charges Under Oklahoma Dog Bite Law
An Oklahoma County woman faces up to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine after several of her mixed-breed Pit Bull Terriers escaped from her property and attacked a neighbor. Ulonda Jackson, 48, has been charged with a failure to restrain a dangerous dog, a misdemeanor under Oklahoma dog bite law. The charges stem from a May 31 incident in which the dogs attacked Mary Wolf, 48, outside her nearby home. Wolf was forced to take shelter in her vehicle for more than 20 minutes before help arrived. Wolf was bitten and clawed in the attack, which resulted in large scarring on her legs.

03/11/10 Perkins - Dogs kill local toddler in attack. A nine-month-old child died Monday after he was attacked by dogs at a residence south of Perkins. The incident was reported to Iowa Tribal Police at 11: 11 a.m. Monday, March 8. Officers were dispatched to a home at 750801 S. 3380 Road to find the baby boy had been mauled by two adult Rottweiler dogs.

2010 Durant - A pit bull was shot after it charged firefighters who were treating a person who had been assaulted by the dog. Police, firefighters and Bryan County EMS were dispatched at 4:17 p.m. Wednesday to a residence in the 400 block of Northeast Fourth Avenue about a dog bite victim. According to Durant Police, Chauncy Nelson had been bitten by two vicious dogs while trying to walk home. The victim was bleeding profusley from several wounds to the face, arms and legs

11/06/09 Tulsa - A 1-year-old girl suffered head wounds and severe blood loss after she was attacked by her family's chained dog. According to a news story, the dog was kept chained all the time.

07/29/09 Ardmore - Two pit bulls, one of whom apparently broke free from a chain, attacked a 19-year-old woman and her dog in her home on G Street SW, leaving the woman with injuries to her hands, arms, and knees.

07/25/09 Midwest City - A physically disabled man was hospitalized Saturday after a violent attack by two pit bull terriers. Another man suffered less severe injuries.

06/06/09 Wilburton - VICIOUS ATTACK — Dogs maul woman. Brandy McCarty, of McAlester, was delivering medical supplies to a customer in the Wilburton area on May 29 when a vicious attack changed her life. McCarty, an employee with an area medical supply company, was attacked by nine to 10 dogs while on a delivery. The woman at the house assured McCarty that the dogs did not bite as she stepped into the fenced area to deliver the medical supplies; however, she was wrong. As the dogs began to attack, McCarty dropped to the ground. “I covered my face,” McCarty said hoping to protect herself from the bites. “I don’t know which dog bit me first,” McCarty said. However, one dog bite lead to many, she reported.

05/04/09 Shawnee - A Shawnee man is fighting for ‘vicious’ dogs. Vicious and dangerous dog ordinances in different Oklahoma communities have been challenged in municipal courts recently. In March, a mixed breed dog from Shawnee was tranquilized and taken into custody by an animal welfare agent there. The dog was labeled vicious and would have been euthanized had its owner not gone to court.

04/30/09 Tulsa - Teen on probation for infant's death making minimal efforts, records show A teenager whose infant son was killed by a puppy has made minimal efforts to meet her probation requirements, a court document shows.

03/06/09 Moore - It was recently reported that a pet pit bull was put to sleep after it killed a cat and bit a woman in a home invasion attack.

2009 Marietta - Two pit bulls attack my 75 year old cousin, just walking home from the store in Marietta on Seminole Street, she did not even know he was around until she was on the ground with the calf muscle was ripped out of her leg.  She was just walking, she did almost everyday, the dogs had broken chains, there were no fences to keep them in, but they just could not believe this happened, after the Love County police officers finally found them to talk to them.

11/16/08 Ardmore - A two year-old in Ardmore was viciously attacked Thursday night by their family pit bull. Neighbors told reporters it was absolutely the unthinkable. They said the mother was screaming and it was without a doubt one of the most horrifying things they've ever seen.

11/04/08 Guymon - One hurt, owners cited in vicious dog attack. Around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, Nov. 4, the Guymon Police Department responded to the 300 block of South James Street in response to a report of a citizen being attacked by vicious dogs.
Upon arrival at the scene Lt. Jason Bond attempted to check on the victim, Zaw Han of Guymon, who had taken refuge in a passing motorist’s car. As the officer attempted to check on the victim’s welfare he was charged by a pit bull and shot and killed the attacking animal at the scene. Two other dogs were captured a short time later by Animal Control with the assistance of Guymon PD officers and Guymon School Police.
The victim, who was referred to the emergency room at the hospital for treatment, received several lacerations from bites to his arms and legs from the attack by the three dogs before he was able to escape with the aid of a passing motorist.

07/28/08 Tulsa - Zane Alen Earles, a 2-month-old boy, was killed by his parents' dog while the child was sitting in a swing, located inside their house.

02/09/08 Pauls Valley - Pit Bull Attack Renews Debate Over Vicious Animals. State Prohibits Breed-Specific Laws. A pit bull attack last week has galvanized a local group of citizens who want to see pit bulls banned from Pauls Valley. Doris Belicek was walking her small dog, Rufus, when three pit bulls snatched him from her. Belicek attempted to rescue Rufus but retreated when one of the pit bulls became aggressive toward her. Police officers responded and found the dogs with one of them still carrying Rufus. The pit bulls were owned by Sabrina Briley, who has been cited for having loose dogs before. The officers retrieved Rufus and returned his body to Belicek. The incident has brought Martin and others in the community together to ban pit bulls. "We’re going to do whatever it takes to get these dogs out of our town," Martin said. "They are vicious animals and no one is really safe as long as they are in our community."

01/03/08 Bartlesville - Victim of pit bull dog attack to be buried Thursday.

2007 Cartwright - A pit bull dog chomped a sheriff's deputy when he went to investigate a call about a man threatening his wife with a machete. Deputy Javier Guerrero went to a Denison Street residence in Cartwright Saturday evening to look for the man, and Guerrero walked up to the suspect's friend's home.

2007 Cartwright - A jogger was bitten by a pit bull while running in the 500 block of Boat Club Road, according to the Bryan County Sheriff's Office. Kelly Magouirk told Deputy Louis Rocha on Monday that the dog ran up behind her and bit both of her legs. The victim's father took her to the emergency room for treatment. Rocha planned to have the dog quarantined, according to the report.

12/28/07 Bartlesville - 140-pound dog attacks meter reader in yard. An Oklahoma Natural Gas Co. meter reader was taken to a hospital Thursday after being severely injured by a dog. The meter reader had jumped a back fence in the 12400 block of East 33rd Place about 11 a.m. and was trying to read a meter in a yard when a 140-pound bull mastiff came around the side of the house and attacked him, said Jake Wilson, senior animal control investigator for Tulsa. The dog latched onto the worker's arm, and the man stabbed the dog in the head with a screwdriver until it let go, Wilson said. The worker was then able to get back over the fence and was taken to a hospital with a broken arm and puncture wounds, Wilson said.

12/02/07 Broken Arrow - Police dog attacks 12-year-old

10/16/07 Ada - a 65-year-old Pontotoc County woman was mauled to death by a pack of pit bull-mix dogs

04/28/07 Tuttle - Larry Williams, 3, was attacked by a neighbor’s dog who was restrained with a 6-foot chain.

March 2007 Tulsa - A chained dog broke free and attacked Lee Ingram.

02/22/07 Tulsa - Dog Attacks Paramedic

04/11/06 Ardmore - Another pit bull attack in Ardmore. This time an 11-year-old boy was rushed to the ER-- the dog shot twice.  CLICK FOR STORY

04/06/06 Ardmore - 4 year old boy is recovering from a pit bull attack in Carter County. Tonight, his parents are thankful the Ardmore boy was not killed, when the dog latched onto his face.  CLICK FOR STORY

01/24/06 Kansas, Oklahoma - A 2-year-old girl was attacked and injured by a neighbor’s dog who was kept chained.

01/08/06 Ardmore - A pit bull terrier shot by police Monday and later euthanized is the second to be shot in Ardmore within a week. The dog attacked a police officer who was responding to a vicious-dog report, police Lt. Eric Hamblin said. A pit bull shot last week was killed as it charged an animal control officer, Hamblin said Tuesday. A police officer, who was called to the scene, shot the dog.

01/05/06 Bartlesville - About 5 days ago a 4 year old boy was mauled to death by a pit bull dog. And last November another Oklahoma boy's leg was mauled requiring two surgeries. Only through the intervention of an adult passerby, did this boy not die from the attack.

06/23/05 Two Oklahoma children mauled this week by pit bull dogs, one now armless. And then lets not forget the postman this week attacked by a pit bull.

01/26/05 Kansas, Oklahoma - Her 2-year-old daughter was mauled by a neighbor's pit bull. PHOTO

October 8, 2002 Oilton, Oklahoma (25 miles east of Stillwater, Oklahoma) - 75 year old Della Mae Parker was attacked by three pit bull dogs as she went for her daily walk. Her right foot was severely mauled by the pit bulls and she will never regain full use of her foot.

05/19/01 "Hey Butch, warn your readers who are apt to go out and see the places described in T&T. I stopped in at that old Ladd school near Goldsby, Oklahoma a few weeks ago and was nearly eaten alive by a pit bull. I wasn't bitten, but only for being fast enough on my feet to get inside the business that is on the same property as the school house."

Home insurance: You may be in the doghouse if your dog is a blacklisted breed. CLICK HERE

The City of Bartlesville, Oklahoma has a very comprehensive ordinance on dogs, cats and animals in general.  CLICK HERE

When Dogs Attack: Oklahoma Dog Bites - The Facts and the Law - Part 1

The website below lists fatal vicious dog attacks all over the U.S by year. I see its not complete, sure don't list several in Oklahoma and Texas, as is listed above.

Fatal Dog Attacks: 1994
Aug. 1994  Rottweiler OK Unsupervised child
Sept.1994  Rottweiler OK Unsupervised child

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