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A few weeks ago we talked about White Mound, Oklahoma.  Its located, or what's left of it is located just west of Nebo, Oklahoma in Murray county. In the 1909 book Geography of Oklahoma by Charles N. Gould, the mound was reported to be 40 feet across at the base and 30 feet high. Its not that big today, but thanks to Richard and Dorothy Shive we got to see it first hand last weekend.  Richard and Dorothy still own property in Nebo even though they have lived in Texas many years, and Dorothy was born in raised in Nebo, attending the Nebo school.

There is not much left of Nebo today.  But I remember as a teenager riding my motorcycle by there, and stopping at the only remaining store, the Nebo Grocery, to drink a cold Dr Pepper. Even the store is gone today, but it was owned by Dorothy's parents, the Howes, and she has a photograph of them in front of the store as it was back in those days.

The Shives have remodeled the old Nebo School (just west of Highway 177) and turned it into a mini museum of sorts.  This is a pic I snapped of Richard and Dorothy standing at the entrance of the old school.

Like I said, the Shives have turned the old school house into a mini museum with many artifacts from the days of the Nebo school. I snapped a few pics.

Inside the 2 room school house I had to snap a pic of this remembrance of WWII.  The symbol was placed on the front door of those who had someone serving in that war.  If the star was gold, it meant they lost a loved on in WWII.

Before leaving the school house Jill and I signed the Shive's Big Chief Tablet. They used it for a guest registry.  I'm sure some of you remember using those in school?  I sure do!

Just before driving away from the school house and heading west about 3 miles to White Mound, up drove some of Dorothy's cousins riding in the horse drawn buggy. They were getting the horse accustom to pulling the buggy because they were going to use it in an upcoming Christmas parade.

We hadn't gone west a mile from the Nebo school and there was this big gorilla statue on someone's property next to their house. It reminded me of one just like it on display on the west side of Lone Grove.

About 3 miles west of Highway 177 and Nebo we came to White Mound.  There is just a lone handwritten sign pointing the way down a narrow rough rocky road to the white mound.

Here is a couple pics I snapped of Richard Shive showing Jill what to look for in the rocky mound.

So what's all the hullabaloo about?  Seems like millions of years ago when this area was covered with water, these fossilized sea creatures were deposited in this spot, or something like that. You'd have to be a geologist to have a working knowledge of what you will see in the pics below.

Here is a website to read up on the technical info on White Mound along with an email address of the Howes. There are plenty of Dorothy's kinfolks, Howes, living all up and down the road there.

Just as we left White Mound, Oklahoma Richard pointed out something that is needed all over Oklahoma before its too late, if its not already.  A cedar tree exterminator, manufactured by a company in Plato, Missouri.

A couple issues ago I had a pic of the mountain man statue in Lone Grove.  I forgot to mention the number one service they provide is dent removal.  This particular chainsaw statue came from AZ, or at least that's where it was bought.

Fredas Cook has created a website on the history of Cardin, Oklahoma and Perkins, Oklahoma.

King College was located across the street north of the present day Federal building (old post office) and was the first high school established in Oklahoma. T. B. King owned and operated the building. He was hired as assistant principal of the school.  Teachers hired for this seat of higher learning were:  W. A. Sniff, principal; Van McCullough, Josephine Carr, Meida Smith, and Blanch Bailey.  The City eventually took over King College. The city didn't own any school buildings until 1903.

From This and That newsletter archives November 1997:

The Ardmore Statesman, Ardmore, Oklahoma, Thursday, September 9, 1920

Chief of Police Chancellor has finally procured a motorcycle cop whose chief duty will be to catch and bring before the city court the "speeders" on the city streets. The new man is Mr. Jack Miller. As soon as the motorcycle for his use arrives, he will use his best effort to put a stop to the all too common practice of stepping on the gas on either downtown or the suburban streets. Such an officer has been badly needed in Ardmore for a long time.

We talked last week about how it is when someone tells you just enough to wet your tongue, and then stops, and doesn't tell any more.  It has happened to me again this week.  Joe Howell sent me an email, all he said was:  "hey Butch, ask about howlamo."  Ok Joe, everyone wants to know what this is all about???

A T&T Reader mentioned this week about seedless tomatoes.  I had never heard of them, so did some googling around......

I think next Spring I'll try growing some seedless tomatoes.

Jill and I stopped by the newly opened Chinese restaurant in Lone Grove last weekend. It called the Yummy China and its got some great food if you like Chinese.  Its an open kitchen, everything is clean and bright, and service was great. We will be eating there often since Chinese food is our favorite.

Q.   What is Oklahoma's oldest incorporated town?
A.   Vinita, Oklahoma in the far NE part of the state on Route 66.

Q.   Where is Oklahoma's Hopes and Dreams statue located?
A.   (answer in next week's newsletter)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

I was informed that awhile back someone inquired about my Dad....Wade Peterson.

Yes, Dad was an aviator and motorcycle cop in Ardmore. He was taught to fly by his friend Wiley Post. They made a living by doing their "flying circus" acts. I have more stories and memorabilia from back then. Dad was a quiet man about his stunt flying, wing walking, and motorcycle days. Evidently, from what my Mother told me, Dad took it really hard when Wiley Post was killed along with Will Rogers in Barrow Alaska in 1935. I have pictures of the bi-plane, and fliers from their time together. Dad and Mom moved to Oklahoma City when I was one year old (about 1942). Dad went on to be a foreman at Tinker AFB working on planes. He took early retirement due to ill health. He passed away in 1956 at the age of 56.

Hope this info is of interest."

Gloria (Peterson) Miller
Trinity, Texas

"Does anyone in the Ardmore area remember Ben Dye, the boot maker? Everybody in Murray country and I think the world, probably knew Ben Dye who made boots for a lot of folks during the years back then. He ended up in Davis before he retired and passed on.

Also, my parents had some really good friends such as Arleigh and Alene Wallis of Ardmore, and Davis for a brief time. Does anyone remember these folks as I have never seen their names ever mentioned in This and That."

Scott Bumgarner
Sherman, TX

 In the "big room" of the First Christian Church of Perry, Oklahoma (701 Holly Street) the CHRISTMAS VILLAGE will be recreated for three nights. It's all happening on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6 pm 'til 8:30 pm on December 3, 4, and 5, 2010. There is no's all FREE as a gift to the community in honor of our Savior's birth. More information is available daily at (580) 336-4576.

The entertainment schedule is as follows:

Friday, December 3
6:00 pm - Perry Elementary Honors Choir directed by Mary Weinkauf
6:30 pm - Brenna Brand, Soloist
6:45 pm - Lenita Kennedy, Soloist
7:30 pm - The Hunt Family (locals who also perform frequently at Branson, Missouri)
8:00 pm - Potter's Clay (a local gospel group)

Saturday, December 4
6:00 pm - Perry's BIG BAND directed by Bill Rotter
6:45 pm - Beverly Alexander
7:30 pm - Melanie Williams
8:00 pm - Stillwater Community Singers
8:15 pm - First Christian Bell Choir

Sunday, December 5
6:00 pm - Matt Lumbers and First Christian Praise Band
6:45 pm - Sue Klingaman, Soloist
8:00 pm - First Christian Chancel Choir

It all takes place in the "big room" at the west end of the church. The room has already been transformed into a New England style village with a town square complete with small shops dispensing cookies, hot cocoa, free haircuts and more. For those who wish to contribute 'something', canned goods and other non-perishable foods will be accepted at the 'general store' to be distributed to local needy families, but otherwise, there is no's all FREE.

"I received the below from my friend Wayne Pierce who lives in Kingston. It looks like an albino skunk except that it has a little black on it's bottom. Wayne lives in Kingston, not out in the country. I got his permission to send this to the Madill Record and they published it, so, it is OK for you to use if you like. I have never seen anything like this and I thought all your readers might want to see it." -Carl Garrett


All participants meet at 12:30 PM in the Springer School parking lot on the South side to register.
Entry fee is one (1) unwrapped toy per entry.
Everyone welcome - ATV's, cars, bikes, animals, walkers, floats, tractors and etc.
Immediately following the parade join us for refreshments at the Springer Community Center.
Volunteers and donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. Call for info: 580-653-2500,653-2829 or 653-2324.

"In the 1930's , early 40's they had canoe rentals at the Wintersmith Park in Ada. My mother, I, and several uncles road them many times."   -George Hill of Sulphur
"Butch, attached is a scan of a silver cocktail purse that belonged to my grandmother, Elizabeth Cameron. It dates from the 1920's when they lived in Ardmore. What makes it interesting is that it was purchased from Strasmick Jewelers which used to be located on the south side of Main Street in Ardmore. That is a powder compact on the other end of the braided silver cord." -Monroe Cameron

Dec 11th.  "It?s time again for our annual Cowboy Christmas Ball in Winfield, Kansas, featuring my Silver Lake Band and myself. This year it will be held at the Baden Square Community Center, 7th and Gary in Winfield. Doors open at 6:30pm. The dance time is 7pm to 10pm. Tickets are $20 each and include some delicious light horsd?oeuvres. Call 620-222-2154 for reservations. You will find plenty of parking at 8th and Gary. So dust off your cowboy hat, put on your finest western duds (or at least bring your biggest western smile) and come prepared for a great time. You are invited to come and dance with your sweetheart (or somebody?s sweetheart) or just sit and pat your foot. This is a family affair, so bring grandma, grandpa and the kids. And you might even want to get up and join the circle for the chicken dance. Hope some of you can join us."  -Les Gilliam, the Oklahoma Balladeer

School's out, school's out,
Teacher let the fools out,
One went east, one went west,
And one went up the teacher's dress.

See everyone next week!

Butch and Jill Bridges

PO Box 2
Lone Grove, Oklahoma 73443

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