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I received an interesting email this week from Carolyn Leonard in Edmond, Oklahoma....


By E.W. Snoddy, Cattleman, Alva Oklahoma - From the NORTHWEST CATTLEMAN---First Quarter, 1947.
"In the spring of 1892, the Dalton gang robbed the southbound Santa Fe passenger train at Red Rock, Oklahoma, about 10 o'clock at night. Red Rock at that time was just a handful of men and a section house. As the Daltons were leaving, they saw the telegraph operator with his instruments and, believing he was telegraphing news of the hold-up, very callously shot through the window of the office, killing the boy."

For more info on the above store Click Here

I was cleaning out the glove compartment of my 1974 Chevy pickup before selling it last month, and ran across one of those yellow inspection stickers we were required to get every year.

Doug Williams sent me a picture he took this week in Norman, Oklahoma thinking it was a Wildfire Lookout Tower.  I emailed him back to say that was not a wildfire tower, but a early warning looking tower OU used to spot OSU fans on game day. One guy told me they could even see them when they left Stillwater.  lol

I did a google search for the tower and found several mentions about what it was, but nothing definite. The following is what I found on the internet:

1. "I don't believe it was ever used as an actual fire tower. I think it was erected when Al Salyer owned the car dealership (now Bob Moore dealership). The story I heard was that Al's son-in-law Brad Salyer (yes, he took his bride's name) had it built as a novelty."

2. "I was told years ago (20-30) that the tower was a scene prop from the 1968 movie "Hellfighters" starring the John Wayne. Furthermore, the story goes that he actually climbed that tower in the movie. The owner of the dealership at the time was a huge John Wayne fan. It needs to stay there. It's a unique part of Norman history and culture."

If any Readers know the real story on this piece of Norman history, let me know.

From This and That newsletter archives of May 22, 1999:

I overheard a friend this week reciting one of those childhood rhymes from long ago. So long ago, I had forgotten about it. I have no idea how many years people have been repeating the saying- "Gather round gentlemen, ladies, and tramps, Cross eyed mosquitoes and bowlegged ants....." It is titled "Ask The Blind Man".
Last week some Ardmore citizens in the Springdale area were upset at some proposed rezoning of property in their area by the City of Ardmore. My mind flashed back to the late '60s when the city limits ended at "P" street NE/SE. My friend Charlie Bean lived about 200 feet east of the "P" street dividing line between "city" and "county". So, Charlie did not live inside the City Limits at the time. Prior to 1968 or so when the city annexed property on east, Charlie Bean had tried for over 10 years to get on city water (he had a water well). He even told the City he would pay for the 200 feet of water line and all... to connect him to the City water main that rain north and south on "P" Street. The City still said No. Then after he was annexed into the City around 1968, the City told him he had to be on city water and pay a city water bill like everyone else. Charlie said No (and a few other words). hahahaha. Charlie Bean is dead now, and I don't know if or when he ever did get on the City water. Interesting how things go. Anyway, you older Ardmoreites will remember Charlie Bean as owning a barber shop on "P" Street SE, just a couple blocks north of Springdale Road.
I've had a question poised to me a lot the last 18 years. "Should I turn my computer off when not in use, or leave it on all the time?" Well, I say turn it off. Just like you do your TV.
" the corner of Harvey Road and McLain Road, people are telling him that the Breezy Point store was once at this location, do you have anything in your files on that? Keep up the good work-I love it."
"I been digging in an old shoe box and found a couple of pictures of Sulphur I thought you might be interested in. One is the old high school that used to sit up on a big hill 2 blocks north of Main street. I have no idea when the picture was taken, but from the car in front it looks like the 20's. My parents both attended that school but don't remember a fire at that time. They would have been in grade school then, tho.
The other two were taken in the 30's I believe. The downtown picture is of Frier Hardware, owned by my great uncle Gene Frier, and we're unsure of the filling station. Maybe some of your readers might know. My dad says it's Rose's, but my mom (being a Rose) says no. It looks familiar to all of us but we can't place it.

Q.  What Oklahoma town is the tribal capital for the Cherokee Nation?
A.  Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Q.  Bugtussle, Oklahoma was the proud and imaginative home of what Oklahoma Congressman and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives?
A. (answer in next week's T&T)

Gas prices today in the Ardmore area......

Some mail from this week's MAILBAG.....

Does anyone remember if Colvert's Dairy ever come into Arkansas?? Or was it just strictly an Oklahoma thing?? I ask because a few weeks ago I was at a local flea market and found a large Colvert dairy milk bottle. I started to buy it, but they wanted too much money for it. It struck me as strange at first cause all I’d ever known of Colvert Dairy was of just being in Ardmore."
"Our annual event at the Confederate Section of Rose Hill Cemetery in Ardmore will be at 9:30am on Monday May 28th. (Memorial Day). The event will last approximately 1 hour. Weather is looking good with little chance for rain.  This year we will be looking forward to the beginning of work on the Monument."  -Terry Pierce
"Linda Long asked a question about the mud baths that the Indians used to use in Sulphur, OK. The "medicinal mud" is still available! Go to the artesian well on Broadway. It is called the Vendome Well. Years ago there was a swimming pool there called the Vendome Plunge. There was also a restaurant with a second story dance hall above. The well is now the property of the Nat'l Park System and is located in the Platt Historic District of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. It is still and always will be Platt National Park to me and my fellow long time residents.
To enjoy packing the mud on your aching joints, just follow the water. Go to the pond where the water exits from under the parking lot. Find a good spot downstream a little, get in and help yourself to the mud. Put it on the painful joint, sit in the sun to let it dry. Sit a while, then wash it off when ready. The sulfur in the water will help your chigger and mosquito bites and I've heard that it's beneficial if you have a dog with fleas. Take home a jug of the Sulphur (sulfur) water. Some say drinking it is beneficial and I'm told that if you let it sit awhile, it looses much of its sulfur smell.
Go one block north of Broadway to Muskogee Street. It runs behind the library. Find the Arbuckle Historical Society Museum on the north side of the street and tour the interesting two story museum. It is open on Thur, Fri, and Saturday afternoons. Kay will be glad to give you a tour or let you wander. You will be more than welcome! There is a gift shop, too. Across the street is an attractive old home called Flower Bluff. It is available for rent. Also across the street is a gem of church architecture, the First Christian Church. A couple of blocks east of the museum you can view the mural depicting old Sulphur and you can stop at the Rusty Nail Winery to refresh yourself. At the east end of the street, you can see the new Artesian Hotel in progress.
Go down Broadway to the stoplight at West 12th Street, head south several blocks and turn left onto Lindsay Street just before the park entrance. At the end of the block, you will find Sulphur Springs Inn. Originally named Caylor Bath House, it is the only remaining bath house in Sulphur. It is now a bed and breakfast style inn. It is an interesting place and the proprietors are wonderful people. The sulfur water pool is inside.
Drive through the rest of the park, take a picnic, swim at Little Niagra, visit the Nature Center. On the west edge of town is the Chickasaw Cultural Center. Turn at that light and head south down the road past Walmart. The Cultural Center will be down the road a ways and on your left." -Mary Lou Heltzel

"This would be a fun exploration for ya. Find where the Day brothers quarried the petrified wood rock that went into those rock houses in Ardmore. Hint: Go south Meridian Road, turn west on Buckskin road. The first few passages into the land on the right lead to areas of suspected quarries."
"Do anyone remember the Mannsville Mansion also known as the governors mansion in Mannsville, Oklahoma?" -Tiffany Willis
"This is an interesting site I received from my friend and former co-worker. He is now retired in Bend, Oregon but he grew up in Tishomingo." -Jon
"My husband did a book about John Wesley Matlock called the Le Chene Tondu ("Shorn Oak" in French) or the Mourning Shadow of the Shorn Oak which you have mentioned in your "This and That" newsletter.

George W. Matlock was the father of John Wesley Matlock, who was Killed in Action at the Argonne Forest battle on Sept. 28, 1918.

John Wesley's father was, according to family memories, a lawman. For years we have searched for information on George W. Matlock, Ardmore, I. T., a U.S. Marshal.

Accidentally my husband discovered the early editions of the Daily Ardmoreite online through the National Archives. We finally found him!

G. W. was in law enforcement in Ardmore, I.T. at the time of his death in 1906. He was a U.S. Marshal posseman.

My grandmother, Viola Matlock Whitfield, was featured in an article in the Daily Ardmoreite on her 90th birthday in 1967. In the article she mentioned her brother G. W. Matlock, a U.S. Deputy Marshal, who was accidentally killed many years ago. When I asked her about him, she told me that another U.S. Deputy Marshal was taking a prisoner from McAlester, Oklahoma to Paris, Texas on the train. When the train stopped in Ardmore, G.W. was on duty at the station wearing his gun and the deputy told him his gun was broken and he was carrying a smaller gun in his holster. He asked G.W. if he would trade guns with him until the train came back through that evening. G.W. agreed. Later G.W. used the bathroom at the train station and removed his gun and holster to lay it on a table. Evidently, the gun dropped out, hitting the floor and going off. Grandma said there was quite an uproar among the townspeople and at first it was thought a gangster who held a grudge against him had climbed up and shot him through the transom at he sat on the toilet. Later, however, they discovered it was an accident. To make matters worse and more secretive, he was provided a free burial at Rose Hill cemetery where he was buried in an alley between lots 5 and 8 in block 141, nowhere close to other family members.

My father, Hilton "Harry" Whitfield remembered hearing stories that G. W. had helped capture several gangsters, the most notorious was Bill Dalton who was near the town of Elk, present day Pooleville, in June 8th, 1894. In 1906 when he killed he was working only part time as a "posseman" for the U.S. Marshall’s service."

"Does any of T&T Reader know of a Donald D. Bell who might have been living in Ardmore in the early 40s? At that time he would possibly have been in his 20s or 30s."

Shown below are our remaining 2012 bookings as of this date. As you know, we continually add dates as the year progresses, so please check my website from time to time as we add more dates.
16 - Brother Mike's Gospel Jubilee, Ponca City, OK Hwy 60 east, 6:30pm
30 - Wyldewood Cellars, Mulvance, KS, located at I35 Exit 33 south of Wichita, 6pm
For reservations, call 316-554-9463
14 - 50th Anniversary for Butch and Jo Wolf, Newkirk, OK (band)**
28 - Stagecoach Event Center, 400 E. South St. Newkirk, OK 6:30pm
For reservations, call 580-362-3160
29 - Cowboy Church, Elgin, OK - Hwy 62 between Apache and Elgin - 10am
24 - Giddyup Gala & BBQ, Johnson County Expo Center, Altus, OK (band) 5:15pm
13-16 Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO (band) 1pm, 2pm, 3pm
19-23 Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO (band) 1pm, 2pm, 3pm
26-30 Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO (band) 1pm, 2pm, 3pm
23-24 Oklahoma Arts Council Conference, OKC**
17 - Elevator Museum Fundraiser, Grenola, KS For reservations, call 620-358-3241
9 - Western Swing Christmas Ball, Baden Square, Winfield, KS (band) For reservations, call 620-222-2154
31 - New Years Eve Dance and Chuckwagon Supper at Prairie Rose, Benton, KS (band) -
For reservations, call 316-778-2121

-Les Gilliam
"The Oklahoma Balladeer"

Memorial Day is a federal holiday observed annually in the United States on the last Monday of May. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the fallen Union soldiers of the Civil War. (Southern ladies organizations and southern schoolchildren had decorated Confederate graves in Richmond and other cities during the Civil War, but each region had its own date. Most dates were in May.) By the 20th century Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died in all wars. Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

“‘Til the Last Shot’s Fired” –Trace Adkins

See everyone next week!
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